Middle School News - March 2020

Middle School News - March 2020

Middle School News – March 2020

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As we reach the midway point of the term, we can reflect on what has been a dynamic and busy start to the new year. Prior to the term commencing, the Year 9 Leadership team, consisting of House Leaders, Sports Leaders and SRC Leaders, met to discuss their vision for the year with Miss Stone and I. This vision was communicated to our Middle School on 17 February with Charlotte and Sophie introducing the concept of the sunflower to the girls and staff.

An excerpt from their presentation is below.

This year your Middle School Leadership team has decided to use the sunflower to represent our values and goals for 2020. For those of you who didn’t know, sunflowers look for the sun; however, when they cannot find the light they face each other. We want you to use this idea and always try to find the sun in hard times. However, when you cannot, you know you have the Middle School Community to turn to as we can all face each other and help one another out.

Another reason we chose the sunflower for the Middle School is because sunflowers are often planted alongside various other crops in order to protect them from bugs and other pests. Sunflowers protect crops from pests by attracting bugs. We can use this method by facing problems head on to help protect each other from obstacles that get in our way. This year we encourage you to embrace your inner sunflower and protect each other from anything negative in 2020. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone. Often it is hard to take that risk and pull ourselves away from what we know but in the end the struggle is worth it and can result in an even better outcome. It also shows us that with good deep roots, which we interpret as good morals and principles, we will grow together as bright healthy sunflowers within our Middle School Community.

The idea of the grit and camaraderie which the girls discussed has been evident throughout a range of activities over the last few weeks. For the Year 7 girls, these qualities have been demonstrated as they navigate the newness of the Middle School with new classes, subjects, teachers and friendships. For the Year 8s, it has been through forming new friendships and supporting each other as they move through Middle School and the expectations rise. For our Year 9s, now the leaders of the Middle School, it is the perseverance when dealing with the demands of new elective subjects as well as balancing their academic and co-curricular commitments.

One area where the ideals of supporting each other has particularly shone has been via the School Musical, Matilda. I had the privilege of attending the rehearsals on March 1 and was overjoyed to see our girls working together and the hum of excitement as they worked hard to support each other while learning lines, practising choreography, working on music and building sets. It was wonderful to see such a wide array of talents as well as the development of new skills and friendship as they worked hard on a common goal and supported each other much like sunflowers face each other in order to grow better together, and I look forward to many more examples like this as the year progresses.

Sheri Upasiri
Head of Middle School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace