Middle School News - October 2019

Middle School News - October 2019

Middle School News – October 2019

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Middle School

Welcome back to the final term for the year. Time will pass quickly as it is a term full of events and different activities. As an Anglican School, St Hilda’s seeks to provide students with opportunities and experiences that enable them to look beyond their own concerns and engage with the needs of others. The final term theme for the year, IOU, focuses on the values of compassion, gratitude and generosity.

Year 7 have taken the initiative to raise funds for a local wildlife rescue group, Star Stitchers. The recent bushfires in the Hinterland devastated many habitats leaving a number of injured and orphaned animals. Star Stitchers is a volunteer group who sew pouches and make nests for animals who need care. Over the next couple of weeks the girls will be organising activities to raise awareness and collect funds to support this cause. A $2 ball of yarn will make a nest for a baby possum to assist with its recovery. Acrylic yarn can be purchased from stores such as Spotlight, or the money donated for the girls to arrange the purchase.

Each year we also collect items for our annual Giving Tree appeal, with gifts going to those in the community who may not be able to celebrate Christmas as we do. We work in conjunction with The Surfers Paradise Anglican Crisis Centre who help distribute the gifts to children in need and their families. Donations can include non-perishable food items, toys, stationery, toiletries, books etc.

For every act of service, there is a ripple effect that ultimately results in some degree of benefit to the entire community. When young people learn to serve others, they become empowered; they grow up realising that their actions can make a difference. We would greatly appreciate your support with their efforts. Please send all donations to the Middle School Centre.

This final term is the shortest of the year, with so many things compressed into a tighter timeline. Not the least of these are the fundamentals of learning and being fully engaged in classwork and academic endeavours. Learning capacity is partly a matter of skills, but is also about a positive attitude, self-belief, resourcefulness and the ability to reflect upon your learning. With a number of assessments and exams due over the next few weeks, the girls are encouraged to focus their efforts and be organised in their approach. Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races, one after the other. The following strategies may assist:

  • Use your diary: plan and manage commitments, develop a study routine, use the assessment schedule to assist
  • Be prepared: with books, study materials and stationery, list down all tasks complete with timelines
  • Minimise distractions: find a suitable place to work that is comfortable and quiet, put electronic devices away during study periods
  • Manage your time: break down tasks into small parts, allocate study sessions into 20 to 30 minute blocks with rest breaks in between
  • Look after yourself: eat healthy food, keep hydrated, exercise and have a good sleep routine.
  • Seek help: ask questions, clarify understanding and attend tutorials.

Student leadership values and appreciates students as role models and enhances the development of lifelong skills such as communication, team building, planning and collaboration.  Over the course of the term, Year 8 have been exploring the concept of leadership as part of the Thrive Succeed program and are currently in the process of selecting the 2020 Student Leadership team. In the Middle School, the focus is on a shared leadership model which encourages student participation. Girls volunteer their time and learn about responsibilities, communication and service, with an opportunity to become part of the Year 9 Student Leadership Team.  Each position has distinct responsibilities that require the girls to work with both students and staff representing their school community. The appointment of these leadership roles involves an election process with the positions announced at Speech Day.

All students are encouraged to embrace leadership opportunities in a range of different contexts. Being a Student Ambassador offers many benefits to the girls, including developing greater confidence, gaining valuable experience from interacting and conversing with the wider community, enhancing communication and leadership skills, as well as broadening student networks. Our Year 9 Student Ambassadors have proved themselves to be positive role models and representatives of the School. Currently, they are assisting with the training of Year 8 girls who have volunteered to undertake these responsibilities in 2020.

The Buddy program strengthens our School community by creating a sense of connectedness that helps new students to feel valued and supported. Buddies assist with their transition into school life by helping new girls to establish social networks, find their way around the campus, and familiarise them with the way the School operates. Heads of Year will be asking for volunteers in the coming weeks. Please encourage your daughter to get involved.

Houses form an important part of school life. Next week the House Chapel and Dinners provide an opportunity to acknowledge and farewell our Senior girls and celebrate the achievements within the House. These will be held over three evenings – Banksia on Tuesday, 22 October, Karragaroo on Wednesday, 23 October and Melaleuca on Thursday, 24 October. I encourage all Middle School students to attend and support their Houses.

While the arrival of the warmer weather has been very welcome, the girls need to keep in mind that spending time in the sun comes with risks. They are encouraged to practise sun safety measures including wearing a hat when involved in outdoor activities at school. In addition to wearing their summer hat to and from school, students are reminded that they should also wear their hat during recess and lunch breaks. Please make sure all hats, as with other uniform items, are clearly named.

Please see below for some key dates for Term 4 (refer to the school calendar on the website for more detail and updates).

Week 2B

  • Friday, 18 October: Year 6 Parent Meeting re Transition

Week 3A:

  • Tuesday, 22 October: Banksia House Dinner & Chapel
  • Wednesday, 23 October: Karragaroo House Dinner & Chapel
  • Thursday, 24 October: Melaleuca House Dinner & Chapel

Week 4B

  • Friday, 1 November: Co-curricular Awards Evening

Week 5A:

  • Monday, 4 November: Year 7 Exam Sessions
  • Tuesday, 5 November: Year 7 Exam Sessions
  • Thursday, 7 November: Year 8 Exam Sessions
  • Friday, 8 November: Year 8 Exam Sessions

Week 6B:

  • Monday, 11 November: Year 9 Exam Sessions
  • Tuesday, 12 November: Year 9 Exam Sessions
  • Friday, 15 November: Year 12 Farewell Concert

Week 7A:

  • Monday, 18 November: 7G Learn to Row session
  • Monday, 18 November:Year 8 Leadershift Program
  • Tuesday, 19 November: 7J Learn to Row session
  • Wednesday, 20 November: 7S Learn to Row session
  • Wednesday, 20 November: Year 9 Special Program
  • Thursday, 21 November: 7A Learn to Row session
  • Friday, 22 November: 7M Learn to Row session
  • Friday, 22 November: Final Middle School Assembly

Week 8B:

  • Monday, 25 November: Year 7 Wearable Art Show
  • Tuesday, 26 November: Year 9 Connection Breakfast & Moving on Ceremony
  • Thursday, 28 November: Speech Day

Susan Sanburg
Head of Middle School






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