Middle School News - September 2019

Middle School News - September 2019

Middle School News – September 2019

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Social Media is the collective term for the many modern day technologies designed to connect people online. These technologies are becoming a fundamental part of life, particularly for young people. It is important that we equip our students with the knowledge they need to protect themselves online and that they develop good online practices. Topics such as digital citizenship, positive relationships and identity are addressed through the Thrive Succeed program.

Students are encouraged to make wise use of technology, from a well-informed perspective, mindful of the consequences of irresponsible decisions, particularly in relation to social media. This week Year 9 attended a Positive Relationship Summit hosted at TSS. In groups, the girls listened to guest speakers and participated in group discussions that aimed to break down barriers between students so that they could come to a shared understanding of each others’ experiences. Whether talking face-to-face, texting, or creating visual images, their values and beliefs are defined by how well they communicate with each other. Encouraging them to develop and hone their communication skills will serve them well in both their real and online environments.

We know that adolescence marks important transitions for girls. It is a time of emerging identity and awareness where they are shaping their values, developing skills and forming patterns of relationships that can impact their wellbeing. This week, Year 7 participated in a workshop conducted by facilitator, High Resolves, where they explored how they see different elements of identity and the ways that they form groups. Through different activities they looked at how their socialisation influences the perception we hold of ourselves and the impact this can have on our interactions with others. They were encouraged to develop the ability to recognise divisive views and behaviours and practise responding in ways that are more inclusive.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Two of our Middle School students took the opportunity to pursue their dreams and attended the Women in Aviation STEM Careers Day.  The event showcased research and development in the aviation and aerospace industries and included opportunities for the girls to engage and connect with others, seeking advice and guidance for their individual pathways. Sarah and Samah Rao reflect on their experience:

The information provided to us was very useful and increased my knowledge of how I can achieve my goal to become an Aerospace Engineer in the future. We met various women who are currently working within the aviation industry and had tours of various aircraft and technical aspects of the airport. Sarah

It was a huge eye opener which has made my love for aviation grow even more and now I am very eager on a career in aviation. Samah

Students of 9M chose to raise awareness of the work that the Country Women’s Association (NT) does to support isolated and marginalised women in rural communities. Their Focus Week commenced with a sausage sizzle, followed by Funky Scrunchie day, a Just Dance session and a Guess the Lolly Jar competition. These events culminated with year level touch football games as a celebration to mark the end of exams. The girls embodied the spirit of Non Nobis Solum, demonstrating leadership and cooperation in the planning, developing, advertising and executing of these activities, raising $300. However, more than that they provided awareness of the wonderful work the CWA does for their sisters in the country. These events also provided relief with many opportunities for laughter and friendship in what can be a stressful time of the term.

NAPLAN individual student reports have been mailed home this week. If you do not receive your daughter’s report by the holidays, please contact the Middle School Centre. Information about these reports and other information about NAPLAN results can be found at the following link: http://www.nap.edu.au/naplan/parent-carer-support/.

Learning is partly a matter of skills, but is also about disposition, resilience, risk taking, self-belief, resourcefulness and the ability to reflect upon your own learning and plan a way forward. Learning to learn involves expanding students’ capacity to learn so that they can thrive in the world beyond the classroom walls. The holidays provide an ideal opportunity to reflect on the term, learning from both success and things that did not go to plan. While this process focuses primarily on the value of achievement, it also draws on another value, resilience. Guiding students to learn from their mistakes and to take heed of feedback aids them in understanding the lessons that can be taken from failure. Parents are invited to attend the Parent Teacher interviews on Tuesday 8 October. I also encourage students to attend these interviews, play an active part in the conversation and to listen to feedback in order to assist with their progress moving forward.

Holidays are times to do a number of important things; time to relax, clear the mind, enjoy time with friends and sleep. However, it is also important for all girls to allow some time to honestly self-assess and reflect on the term of learning and prepare for the term ahead. I encourage all girls to ensure they give some time to this process over the holiday period to prepare for the term ahead.

I hope the girls enjoy a well-deserved break and look forward to seeing them refreshed and ready for a busy Term 4.

Susan Sanburg
Head of Middle School


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