Music News - July 2019

Music News - July 2019

Music News – July 2019

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A Royal Gala

Our St Hilda’s musicians from Prep to Year 12 presented the annual Gala Music Concert last Saturday evening at Southport Church of Christ. This year’s Concert, themed “A Royal Gala”, featured all our Music Ensembles (plus the traditional Staff Ensemble) performing a variety of musical styles from classical, jazz, pop and music theatre, all centred on our regal theme. The finale featured the Years 2-12 all working together to perform the classic The Circle of Life from The Lion King.

This event continues to highlight our students’ musical talents and ability to work as a cohesive musical team, led by our talented Year 12 musicians. It is always a delight to see the girls from Middle and Senior School working with those of the Junior School, and when combined with a trusty group of teachers and parents, it becomes easy to produce a seamless and entertaining concert event. Congratulations to all involved.

Gold Coast Eisteddfod 2019 – Performance Dates for St Hilda’s Ensembles

The 38th Gold Coast Eisteddfod begins in earnest on 26 July for thousands of students in solo and ensemble performances across the Gold Coast. Before parents start receiving emails advising of Gold Coast Eisteddfod excursion invitations through Parent Lounge, please find below a list of ensembles and their approximate performance times to assist you with your advance planning.

Junior School Eisteddfod Performance Times

Ensemble Date Yr Groups Involved Section Starts Event Duration (approx.) Venue
Years 2/3 Choir Tuesday 6 August 2-3 1.30pm 12.30pm – 2.30pm approx HOTA
Years 4-6 Choir Tuesday 6 August 4-6 6pm 5.30-7.45pm approx HOTA
Years 4-6 Vocal Ensemble Wednesday 7 August 4-6 10am 9am – 11.45am approx HOTA
Junior String Ensemble Monday 12 August 4-6 5pm 5-6.30pm approx HOTA
Year 6 Band Monday 19 August 6 (if not in Junior Concert Band) 2.30pm 1.30m – 4.30pm approx HOTA
Junior Concert Band Tuesday 20 August 4-6 3pm 2.30-4.45pm approx HOTA

Middle and Senior School Eisteddfod Performance Times

Ensemble Date Yr Groups Involved Section Starts Event Duration (approx.) Venue
Senior Choir (Australian Composer) Thursday 8 August 7-12 1pm 12-2pm approx HOTA
Senza Ragazzi (Sacred, Vocal Ensemble, Showcase) Thursday 8 August 7-12 2pm, 3pm, 5pm 1.30-6pm approx HOTA
Senior Choir (A Grade) Thursday 8 August 7-12 6pm 6-7pm approx


Senior String Ensemble Monday 12 August 7-12 2pm 2pm – 4pm approx HOTA
Big Band Wednesday 21 August 7-12 7pm 7-9.30pm approx HOTA
Senior & Middle School Concert Band Thursday 22 August 7-12 3pm 2.30-5pm approx HOTA

AMEB/Trinity College Examination Results

Congratulations to the following girls on their hard work which enabled the achievement of the following music examination certificates:

Name   Year Subject Grade Result
Georgia Thomasson 5 Clarinet Preliminary Credit Plus
Portia Van Twest 5 Piano For Leisure 3 Honours
Sage Wagner 5 Clarinet Preliminary Credit
Analiese Murphy 6 Clarinet Preliminary Credit Plus
Aurora Salmon 6 Flute 1 Honours
Jolina Zhang 6 Violin 5 Credit
Sophia Briggs 7 Saxophone for Leisure 5 Credit Plus
Georgia Frame 7 Flute Preliminary Honours
Kate Taylor 7 Theory of Music 3 High Distinction
Kate Taylor 7 Singing For Leisure 5 Credit
Cyra Bender 8 Saxophone for Leisure 4 Credit
Annalize De Wet 8 Piano For Leisure 6 Credit
Simran Bhuta 8 Piano For Leisure 4 Pass
Maia Sato 9 Saxophone for Leisure 5 Credit
Grace Cowley 9 Saxophone for Leisure 7 Credit Plus
Jienna Hardess 9 Piano For Leisure 6 Credit
Edwina Thomson 11 Theory of Music 4 Credit

Janette Kelly
Head of Music



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