Music News - September 2020

Music News - September 2020

Music News – September 2020

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Music During Term 3

Congratulations to all our Music Ensembles across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools who have rehearsed so intently during Term 3 to produce some outstanding work.

In our efforts to be as COVID safe as possible whilst rehearsing, all ensembles have moved to the bigger rehearsal venues of the School Chapel and the Bev Philben Room, which has very successfully placed music rehearsals at the epicentre of the school community. We have lost count of all the fantastic compliments we have received on our music making which has been very affirming for all involved – musicians and teachers. Even though extended families may not have seen as much of our musicians out in the wider community as usual, we can assure you they have been an integral part of our School community during this time.

Gala Concert 2020

In lieu of the annual Gala Concert usually held in July, all ensembles have made recordings of their performance works to create a virtual Gala Concert. This week we have just added the finishing touches by recording all our comperes, and it is hoped to have the completed version available to all early next term.  Please take the opportunity for a sneak peak of the recordings – “Happy” – Middle-Senior Concert Band and “Give Me A Kite” – Years 4-5 Choir.

AMEB Examination Results

Congratulations to musicians who have continued preparing for examinations throughout the last 6 months.  Those mentioned below have already successfully completed AMEB video practical examinations or online Theory examinations and we have a considerable number of girls who will be submitting further video examinations or sitting face-to-face examinations early in Term 4.

Name   Year Subject Grade Result
Charlize Hamilton 6 AMEB Saxophone for Leisure – Repertoire Prelim Honours
Sara McCarthy 6 AMEB Saxophone for Leisure – Repertoire Prelim Credit
Talia Peters 6 AMEB Saxophone for Leisure – Repertoire 1 Honours
Sabrina Theobald 6 AMEB Saxophone for Leisure – Repertoire Prelim Credit
Georgia Thomasson 6 AMEB Saxophone for Leisure – Repertoire 1 Honours
Sage Wagner 6 AMEB Clarinet – Repertoire 1 Credit
Sage Wagner 6 AMEB Saxophone for Leisure – Repertoire Prelim Credit
Flora Yang 8 AMEB Piano 8 Honours
Flora Yang 8 AMEB Theory of Music 5 Honours
Maia Sato 10 AMEB Saxophone for Leisure – Repertoire 6 Honours
Poppy-Jane Todd 10 AMEB Music Craft 3 Honours
Stephanie Korff 11 AMEB Music Craft 3 Credit
Alana Li 11 AMEB Music Craft 3 Honours
Halle Mudimu 11 AMEB Music Craft 3 Credit
Isabella Nott 11 AMEB Music Craft 2 Credit
Isabella Nott 11 AMEB Music Craft 3 Credit
Nicola Wright 11 AMEB Theory of Music 3 Honours
Nicola Wright 11 AMEB Music Craft 3 Honours

Twilight Concerts Resume

Our first Twilight Concert since March will be occurring this week and we hope to also have Twilight Concerts in Weeks 1 and 2 of next term – Thursday 8 October and Tuesday 13 October at 5pm in the Chapel.

Families of those musicians performing will receive an email prior to the event which, depending on the number of girls performing, will advise how many audience members can attend to allow for adequate social distancing.

Year 6 Instrumental Music

Congratulations to Year 6 on making a very informal but impressive classroom recording of four ensemble pieces produced across Terms 2 and 3.  We are very proud of their accomplishments, especially considering the pieces that were learnt during online learning. We hope all Year 6 families viewed the performances sent home earlier this term.

Term 4 Events

The annual Music Presentations will be held as usual next Term – as part of the Co-curricular Awards Evening on Friday 16 October for Middle Senior musicians and at Junior School Assembly on Monday  9 November. Invitations for Middle Senior musician attendance will be issued early next term, however, due to current health considerations, no families will be able to attend this year’s events.

We are also expecting music ensembles to be performing either live for the School or in virtual format for the whole School community, at the following Term 4 events:

  • 2021 Prefect Induction Ceremony – Wednesday 7 October  Senior String Ensemble
  • Principal’s and Old Girls’ Christmas Cocktail Party – Friday 6 November  Big Band and R & B Band
  • Year 12 Reflection Service – Wednesday 18 November  Senza Ragazzi
  • Junior Christmas Carols – as a virtual event – recorded throughout Term 4

Janette Kelly
Head of Music

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