Online Learning

Online Learning

Welcome to our dedicated St Hilda’s Online Learning space. Here you will be able to access the Online Learning guides for Junior School and Middle & Senior School, as well as useful ‘How-To Guides’ and videos for our online platforms, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, fun and wellbeing hints, staying active videos and much more.

Over the past few weeks, the entire staff at St Hilda’s School has been working together to achieve two important goals for Term 2. Firstly, that your daughter/s and all staff are safe when they are on campus and, secondly, that we have in place the best possible online learning opportunities to continue meeting the educational needs of all St Hilda’s School students.

Online Learning Outline for Parents – Term 2

Our plan for the start of Term 2 is to provide online education for students who will remain at home for the first five weeks of term. In addition, online education will also be provided to students who are daughters of essential workers, who will need to attend school. The online learning experience will be the same whether completed at home, or at school.

We value the support of every member of the St Hilda’s School community during this challenging time. We are determined to continue to support your daughter on her educational journey. It will be different and, at times, it might not be easy, but with goodwill and dedication on both sides we look forward to a productive and rewarding term ahead.

Student Protection Officers

Anglican schools support the rights of all children and young people and are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students attending an Anglican school.

When staff, students, parents, volunteers or members of the St Hilda’s School Community have concerns for a student at the School, they should discuss their concerns with the Principal or one of the Student Protection Officers.

Please find a list of St Hilda’s Student Protection Officers and contact details below.

Pictured, L to R: Ms Wendy Lauman, Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood, Mrs Lisa Cleverly, Ms Sheri Upasiri, Mrs Caroline Brodar, Mrs Melissa Wilkins.

Student Protection Officers:


Ms Wendy Lauman
07 5577 7205

Mrs Jaclyn Clancy
School Psychologist
07 5577 7265

Mrs Liz Giovas
School Counsellor
07 5577 7250

Mrs Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School
07 5577 7282

Ms Sheri Upasiri
Head of Middle School
07 5577 7267

Mrs Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory
07 5577 7378

Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood
Head of Junior School
07 5577 7287

Mrs Melissa Wilkins
Deputy Head of Junior School
07 5577 7237

Mrs Katherine Holmes
Coordinator of Student Initiatives
07 5577 7230

Support Services

We understand that students and families face wide-ranging circumstances as a result of these difficult times.

If you require further assistance with support services, the following organisations can be of assistance:

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace