Online Learning



As we shift to remote learning, we envisage that as far as possible, students will follow a normal school timetable each day. Online protocols have been made available to students and parents to assist with the safety and delivery of off-campus learning. Your assistance during this time to help your daughter with this change will be most valuable.

It is essential to take time now to familiarise yourself and your daughter with e-Safety education. Students have also been introduced to study skills in an online environment – conversations at home about what your daughters have learned about working in these spaces would be timely.

When selecting our Online Learning platforms, we have been very mindful of the safety of our students. Each platform and application that is used at St Hilda’s School has been reviewed to ensure it meets the required e-Safety and child protection standards, so we know the girls are safe when learning and working online.

We have been working for many years with the Anglican Schools Commission preparing our online safety policies and procedures. We have recently refined these policies to meet the online learning situation. All staff are familiar with the contents and requirements of these policies.

Where can I get eSafety Advice and Support?

There are numerous sites offering advice on manage the current COVID-19 situation. Please find helpful information below from the eSafety Commissioner.

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