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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Will St Hilda’s School be open in Term 2?
Our plan for the start of Term 2 is to provide online education for students who will be learning from home for the first five weeks of term. In addition, online education will also be provided to students who are daughters of essential workers and vulnerable students, who will need to attend school. The online learning experience will be the same whether completed at home, or at school.

Will St Hilda’s Boarding be open in Term 2?
At present, Queensland Health recommends Boarding remains closed due to the particularly high risk involved in managing requirements for students’ safety in a residential environment during this pandemic. Click here for more information regarding Term 2 arrangements for Boarders.

Can my daughter attend School?
You will be aware that the State Government announced this week that all schools will be moving to a home-based learning model for the first five weeks of Term 2. Vulnerable children and children of essential workers (people who must continue to attend their workplace), can attend School.

We ask that parents whose children will be at School register their daughter/s attendance by accepting on Parent Lounge by Monday 20 April. This will assist us with classroom arrangements to ensure social distancing is observed.

Will learning at home and at school be different?
Students who attend School during this period will receive support to participate in the same learning program that is being delivered by their classroom teachers to students who are learning at home. The online learning experience will be the same whether completed at home, or at school.

My daughter is a Boarder. Can she attend School as a Day Girl during this period?
If your daughter is on the Gold Coast or able to travel, she is welcome to attend School with the same arrangements which are in place for Day Girls. Unfortunately, for our boarders across the border, we have been advised that permits are required and that, if and when Boarding Houses reopen, an isolation period would apply in addition to the permit. This will no doubt be an issue we will be able to discuss further with families when circumstances change.


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