Open for Learning until Late

Open for Learning until Late

Open for Learning until Late

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St Hilda’s School is pleased to present a special program for students from Years 7 to 12 which offers our families more flexibility regarding times for study, training, rehearsals and travel arrangements. Day Girls have the opportunity to continue enjoying the innovative learning spaces in the new Jennifer Reeves Library for extended hours.

Open for Learning Until 8pm Monday to Thursday Each Week

Your daughter will be able to:

  • Attend co-curricular activities
  • Dine with the Boarders in the Dining Room
  • Complete supervised homework in the Jennifer Reeves Library
  • Sign in and out of the Library using her Student ID

The Daily Fee for each evening is $12.00 which will be added to Term accounts.

How to Register

To register your daughter’s attendance follow the simple steps below:

(a) Parents to call Boarders’ Reception 5577 7370, or email and provide details of your daughter’s name, your mobile number and your daughter’s mobile number. Bookings for regular evenings can be made in advance.

Please note a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for all bookings.

(b) Students sign in to the Library by 6pm, swipe their Student ID Card to pay the $12 fee via Flexischools, and collect their lanyard. The lanyard is to be shown in the Dining Room when your daughter collects her meal and when she returns to the Library for study.

(Students who have not signed-in by 6pm will be contacted on their mobile phone and parents advised.)

(c) Parents sign their daughter out from the Library by 8pm. Lanyards are returned to the Library at sign out.

Please note: If your daughter is not collected by 8pm, she will be required to wait in Boarder’s Reception. Students will not be permitted to leave the Library or Boarders’ Reception without a parent.

We hope this simple process will assist your family with greater flexibility for managing the day.



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