Pre-Prep News - 30 May 2018

Pre-Prep News - 30 May 2018

Pre-Prep News – 30 May 2018

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Celebrating and embracing other cultures is embedded in the experiences offered in our Pre-Preparatory Centre. Over the last week the girls have enjoyed the opportunity to host some Japanese students visiting the School. Making origami, singing songs and counting in Japanese were just some of the activities enjoyed by our girls.

In May we are celebrating Family Reading Month. We have launched our new Story Sacks in Pre-Preparatory. Story Sacks are cloth bags containing a children’s picture book and supporting materials to stimulate oral language, reading or related activities. They enable parents to contribute to their daughter’s literacy development and are a valuable resource to early childhood educators.

The collection of Story Sacks will be available in each room at some point in the term, for borrowing by the girls. They can be borrowed from their classroom to take home to give parents and their daughters an opportunity to read together. Reading with children is an important part of their development. There are many story sacks available and all children will have the opportunity to borrow one to take home. The collection will be available from the classrooms over the term beginning in Pre-Preparatory 1. When you receive your story sack, please use it several times with your daughter and return it once you have completed the activities together.

A Story Sack contains:

  • A Book
  • Some props or activity related to the theme of the book – perhaps items from the story, a linked non-fiction book, game or some puppets.
  • A book for parents to share their comments.

Please check that all the items are returned to the sack. If anything gets lost please let us know. Reading to children is important and these Story Sacks are in place to help encourage families to read together. Reading can be done at different times. You can sit and read together during the day when you have some quiet time together or you could settle down and read at bedtime. No matter when you read, it will be enjoyable and a good learning experience for your child. Children of all ages benefit from sharing books and stories.  A child who enjoys books is likely to become a good reader and pass this enjoyment and skill on to their own children.


Each week the teachers of the Pre-Prep classes post photos and documentation for parents to read on Blackboard. There is an app, pictured above, which parents can upload to their phones and iPads to make accessing Blackboard even easier.


Parents of children in the part-time groups are encouraged to read the dates allocated to the Monday and Thursday Groups which are listed on the School’s website, to avoid any confusion. Days allocated to the groups can be affected by public holidays. Listed below are dates allocated for the remainder of Term 2.

Pre-Preparatory Monday Group
Week 7A Monday 4 June, Tuesday 5 June, Wednesday 6 June
Week 8B Monday 11 June, Tuesday 12 June
Week 9A Monday 18 June, Tuesday 19 June

Pre-Preparatory Thursday Group
Week 6B Wednesday 30 May, Thursday 31 May Friday 1 June
Week 7A Thursday 7 June, Friday 8 June
Week 8B Wednesday 13 June, Thursday 14 June, Friday 15 June
Week 9A Wednesday 20 June, Thursday 21 June


On 2 July 2018, there will be a new Child Care package that will help parents with children aged 0 -13 with Child Care Subsidy. It will replace the current Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR). All families currently in receipt of either CCB or CCR will receive a Centrelink letter about transitioning to the Child Care Subsidy. Parents should follow the instructions in the letter and go online to complete the Child Care Subsidy assessment or claim for Child Care Subsidy. Further detailed information regarding the Child Care Subsidy can be found on the following link or at Centrelink.

Families currently in receipt of Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate for approved care should have received a notification from Centrelink asking them to go online and complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment or apply for Child Care Subsidy.

Families need to complete their Child Care Subsidy assessment now. Families will not receive Child Care fee assistance from 2 July 2018, if their assessment is not completed.


Date Time Activity and Venue
4 – 6 June Book Fair
6 June 7.30 – 9.20am Mother/Grandmother and Daughter Morning
6 June 6.30pm Fathers Project Club Meeting/Meeting Rooms 1 and 2

All dads welcome!

8 June 8.20am – 3.25pm Book Character Dress Up Day
18 June Under 8’s Celebration Day
19 June 8.20 – 8.45am Portfolio Viewing Session/Classrooms
20 June 8.20 – 8.45am Portfolio Viewing Session/Classrooms
21 June Last day of Term 2
22 June 8.30am – 4.30pm Pre-Preparatory Portfolio Interviews
17 July First day of Term 3


Mrs Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory



This term we have begun to focus on one alphabet letter a week. We learn the letter name, what the capital and lower-case letter look like, the sound it sometimes makes and who looks after it on the THRASS chart. We trace the letter in our Alphabet Books and at the end of the week we try to write it ourselves and draw 5 items that begin with the sound. To consolidate our letter knowledge, we do fun activities based on the letter including craft and experiences such as cooking.

We set up a Post Office in our dramatic play area after the girls displayed an interest in letter writing last term. The Post Office play area has given the girls the opportunity to explore the roles of people who work there, use money, sort and match letters and write for a purpose. We have learnt about the process to get a letter from the Post Office to the post box.  We read the book, ‘The Jolly Postman’ and looked at different items that come in the mail including post cards, letters, cards and advertising. The girls have enjoyed exploring this area and it has been wonderful to see them role-playing, using their imaginations and writing in their play.

We had an incursion from ‘Ocean Life’. We learnt about ocean life and how we can protect marine life by being ‘Ocean Warriors’ and putting our rubbish in the bin. On return we discussed what we had seen and discovered that some friends had further questions about this topic. The girls have been supported to undertake research in collaboration with Mrs Adam to find their answers. Alicia and Chloe have investigated which sea creatures live in a shell and Millicent has investigated where a sea stars mouth is located and how it eats. This is an ongoing project in our room at the moment.

Travelling Ted and Travelling Tina have begun their visits this term and we have been enjoying seeing what adventures they have been up to with the girls. We thank our families for their support with this project.

Mrs Adam and Mrs Robards



All of the girls were eager to share memories from their holidays at the start of the term. Borobi was a popular topic of discussion, as were many of the events. Due to the high level of interest shown by the girls, we decided to further explore the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the Games Mascot, Borobi. We read Borobi’s Story, learnt his dance, had a go at drawing a representation of the famous blue koala, made Borobi biscuits and explored the meaning of the Indigenous markings on Borobi’s hands and feet. We discussed the terms ‘spectator’, ‘athlete’ and ‘meeting place’ and learnt about the many different events. Weight lifting, swimming, gymnastics and athletics were sports the girls were familiar with and particularly excited about.

We have been learning about, exploring and creating various types of patterns in PP2. The introduction of patterning was interest- and play-based, with a focus on repeating and growing patterns. This mathematical learning begins naturally, very early on in life and the rich experiences the girls engaged in are a great way to boost early numeracy skills. The girls have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and identifying a variety of movement and sound patterns, and have loved creating patterns using beads, numbers, paint, stickers, paper, letters and other manipulatives. It was wonderful to see the girls recognising patterns in nature and pointing out patterns in our classroom. We are looking forward to our pattern picnic and hope that you have enjoyed viewing our pattern book and pattern creations over the past couple of weeks.

The girls expressed wonder and excitement during the Ocean Life Education experience. This Program is an interactive touch and learn session which introduces children to creatures from the ocean, with live marine creatures to touch as well as shells and pictures to look at. The girls had opportunities to ask questions, share their knowledge and explore the different learning stations. Highlights included Esmeralda the shark, Franklin the turtle and an array of beautiful sea stars. We learnt about the importance of putting rubbish in the bin and were given examples of the impacts rubbish, particularly plastic, has on our beautiful marine life. The girls vowed to be ocean heroes, to protect and care for all animals and to look after the environment. We are so excited to continue learning about marine animals and have begun making our very own ocean area, including a coral reef and some giant jelly fish.

Miss Morrissey and Mrs Nolan




This term Pre-Prep 3 have been researching what ‘being Aboriginal’ means and how we can work in partnership with the Yugambeh people. We start our day with ‘Jingeri’ which means ‘welcome’ or ‘g’day’, and the girls have created their own interpretation of the Acknowledgement to Country which we say each morning.

PP3  –  Acknowledgement to Country

We thank the Yugambeh people for sharing their country.

PP3 promise to care for,

The plants and animals of Yugambeh land,
The oceans and all its creatures,
And the sun which gives warm red light.

We touch our hearts to say thank you for our world.

The class have also been exploring ‘Loose Parts’. Loose parts play is a type of play that supports invention, divergent thinking, problem solving and offers a sense of wonder to children. The girls have been recognising and creating patterns and ‘underwater scenes’, inspired by our recent Ocean Life incursion, where they got to touch some interesting sea creatures.

THRASS has provided much inquiry and discussion, and the girls have enjoyed locating different picture boxes on their charts. This early literacy introduction, along with our current fairy tale interest, allows the girls to become more aware of words that begin with the same sound, and words that rhyme. We look forward with excitement to the rest of the term.

Mrs Robson and Miss Mondi










Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace