Pre-Prep News - February 2020

Pre-Prep News - February 2020

Pre-Prep News – February 2020

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Our girls are settling well into Pre-Prep and it is wonderful to see their happy faces as they arrive each day. Specialist classes are now underway and the girls are becoming more used to the routine, enjoying the opportunity to borrow books, swim, sing, learn about God, swing on bars at Gymnastics and learn greetings in French.

Pre-Preparatory Policies and Procedures can be found on Blackboard, our online Learning Management System. Parents can access Blackboard via the School Website under the Pre-Prep/Welcome to Pre-Prep drop down menu, in the Links section on the right hand side. Log in using the generic username and password below and click on your daughter’s class name.

Username: preprep
Password: preprep123

During the course of the year, parents will be invited to participate in reviewing the policies and procedures and we encourage your feedback in this area.


As young children are utilising technology, it is recommended to parents to develop a family technology agreement which sets rules about how devices are used in the home and promotes safe online experiences. The e-Safety Commissioner has a number of resources available to support parents and educators. These encourage four simple messages:

  • Be safe
  • Be kind
  • Ask for help
  • Make good choices

Click here to view a Family Technology Agreement Template that you may find useful.

On pages 16 and 17 of the Student Organiser, parents can find the School’s Cyber Safety Agreement. This Agreement outlines acceptable use of technology for all students at St Hilda’s School. Parents are requested to read the pages and sign off on the agreement by the end of Week 3.


Parents are reminded that they are required to complete the application forms for Outside School Hours Care. All children in Junior School must be enrolled to ensure the Service can care for their children in case of emergency. If you have not done so already, please return the completed forms to the Pre-Prep Office at your earliest convenience.


Pre-Prep children can participate in the Extra-Curricular program offerings at St Hilda’s School. Extra-Curricular activities add significantly to each child’s experience, offering opportunities for personal growth and development. These activities help children to create meaningful connections through common experiences, encouraging a sense of belonging as well as school spirit. Ballet, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis and My Fit Kids are the extra-curricular activities available to children in Pre-Prep. All activities are held on site and bookings and further enquiries can be made by contacting the organiser directly. Please ensure that you inform your daughter’s class teacher if you have enrolled your daughter in an extra-curricular activity by submitting the Extra-Curricular Form indicating days and times.


The School Banking Program is offered to all children to support education on Financial Literacy and to encourage a good saving habits. The Commonwealth Bank program includes an exciting Rewards Program which is designed to encourage children to form the habit of regular savings. School Banking is open to all children from Pre-Prep and their siblings. The Commonwealth Bank will conduct an Account Opening Morning where students can register to be part of the program on Friday 14 February in the Prep Undercroft from 8.00 – 9.00am. Please bring along a birth certificate for students wishing to open an account.

In order to run the program, we require a number of parent volunteers to assist with processing deposits on Wednesdays between 8.30am and 10.30am. If you are able to assist, please contact Junior School Reception on 5577 7230.


Parents who wish to bring to the attention of their daughter’s Teacher any issue associated with the program, absence, illness, classroom/playground relationships or any other matter have a range of options available to them.  These include:

  • Contacting the Teacher via the Student Organiser. As the Organiser is a public document that your daughter carries for the year, it is recommended that the names of other children or any issue you believe may be of a private and confidential nature not be included.  If this is the case, please use an alternative method of communication to contact your daughter’s Teacher.
  • Arranging an appointment with the teacher. Appointments can be arranged by emailing the teacher to arrange a suitable time.
  • Emailing your daughter’s Teacher. If the matter involves more than one teacher, please address the email to the staff members concerned.
  • Contacting the Director of Pre-Preparatory


If a child is to be absent from Pre-Prep due to illness, parents are requested to contact Junior School Reception on 5577 7230 or send a text message to Administration SMS 0416 906 250 no later than 9.00 am on the day of absence.


Date Time Activity and Venue
11 February Safe Internet Day
13 February Pre-Prep Class and Individual Photos
14 February 8.00am – 9.00am Banking sign on morning/Prep Undercroft
17 – 28 February Life Education Sessions
17 February Pre-Prep Class and Individual Photos
18 February House Colour Day and Morning Teas
21 February National Wildlife Day
11 March Grevillea House Fundraising Day
16 – 20 March Open Swimming Lessons
20 March Harmony Day
2 April Pre-Preparatory Easter Celebration
3 April 3.25pm Term 1 concludes
3 April Parent Teacher Interviews/Pre-Preparatory Classrooms
21 April 8.20am Term 2 commences

Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory


Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace