Pre-Prep News - June 2020

Pre-Prep News - June 2020

Pre-Prep News – June 2020

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Last week in celebration of World Environment Day we installed the garden arch in the Pre-Prep playground and planted the vine with the girls. We hope that with lots of loving care the vine will grow quickly over the arch.

We will continue to welcome donations of the bottles and cans (please remove lids) to contribute to the next project.


Parents are welcome to collect their daughters from 3.00pm in the afternoons this term due to the current restrictions on sport and co-curricular activities in Junior School and congestion in the car parks between 3.15pm and 3.45pm. Alternatively, your daughter can be booked into After School Care, which for Term 2 will not charge any fees, and collect her later in the afternoon. We would like to thank parents for their continued patience in this matter.


We advise that any girl or educator who is unwell (with even very mild symptoms) must stay at home at this time. Any child presenting with flu-like symptoms (these include – fever, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, difficulty breathing, sore throat, aches and pains, diarrhoea) will be isolated and parents called to collect her from Pre-Prep. It is also recommended in preparing for the flu season that all children and family members receive the flu vaccination.


The Pre-Preparatory Centre will continue to work on the original term dates as advertised at the beginning of the year with Staff Days being held as planned. Please see below an outline of these dates for the remainder of the year. For families with daughters in Prep – Year 12, the new dates have been advertised and are available on the School Website. For Pre-Prep students, Outside School Hours Care will operate a program on these Staff Days for those requiring care for their daughter. Fees for this program will be covered by the Australian Government’s Early Childhood Education and Care Package until 28 June.



Friday June 19 PP STAFF DAY – OSHC Operating
TERM 3 – 10 Weeks
Monday July 13 PP STAFF DAY – OSHC Operating
Tuesday July 14 TERM 3 BEGINS – Classes commence for Pre-Prep students
Friday 4 September STAFF DAY – OSHC Operating
Friday September 18 PP STAFF DAY – OSHC Operating
TERM 4 – 8 Weeks
Monday October 5 QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY
Tuesday October 6 PP STAFF DAY – OSHC Operating
Wednesday October 7 TERM 4 BEGINS – Classes commence for Pre-Prep students
Wednesday November 25 Last Day for Pre-Prep


St Hilda’s School Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) will be operating their Vacation Care Program from Friday 19 June – Monday 13 July.  An exciting program for girls and boys has been organised.  Bookings can be completed by emailing . Please note that until 28 June, parents will not be charged fees for care in OSHC.


Date Time Activity and Venue
8 – 18 June Pre-Prep Parent Teacher Interviews/Pre-Prep Classrooms
12 June AEIOU Day – wear a pink or blue accessory
18 June St Hilda’s Day
18 June Last day of Term 2 to Pre-Prep
19 June Vacation Care operating for Pre-Prep Children
13 July Vacation Care operating for Pre-Prep Children
14 July 8.20am First day of Term 3 for Pre-Prep


Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory

Pre-Prep 1

Wow, what a crazy, mixed up Term 2 we have experienced! It has been such a delight to have our girls back in the classroom. With almost everyone returned, it is just lovely to hear girls laughing and playing together again!

We have continued with our mantra of “I will try” over the course of the term with the girls encouraged to challenge themselves and stay positive as they ‘have a go’. We will revisit our Learning Journey from Term 1 and 2 when we return in Term 3, creating a Project with the girls focused around this theme.

The girls have also discovered a major interest in exploring early written language. They are all so determined to improve their skills at name writing. Working at their own pace, they are improving their name writing skills, some no longer needing name cards, others writing their surnames and all working on their clarity when forming their letters as they write.

They have also begun utilising writing to label their work, replicating examples given with amazing improvements in their clarity as the time has passed!

Over the course of Term 2 we were lucky enough to experience first-hand the complete life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly in our room. On the first week, the girls who were here observed the caterpillars munching away in Pre-Prep 2. Miss Morrissey was kind enough to give us some little caterpillars and branches of the milkweed with little eggs on it so that we could observe as the caterpillars hatched, ate and grew, and then finally formed their chrysalis and later emerged into beautiful butterflies.

This also led us to plan some of our explorations of Indigenous Australian culture in Reconciliation Week with butterflies as our central theme, creating dot art on big butterfly wings, drawing our own Bandjalahm (Butterfly in Yugambeh language) and creating dot art on them. We also explored a wonderful Dreamtime story – ‘The Birth of the Butterflies’.

Our journey of learning about Indigenous Australian culture has continued through a variety of forms, including collecting our own bush tucker from the school gardens – Lily Pily fruit and Lemon Myrtle leaves – to cook some delicious jam and biscuits!

Our girls are continuing to explore this interest area as some of our girls from last year recalled the story of ‘Goorilla’, The Rainbow Serpent. The group last year just loved the telling of this and they have introduced it to their friends this year as well!

We are looking forward to ending the Term all together and enjoying starting next Term the same way – a great connection to this year’s Reconciliation Week theme “In this Together!”

Mrs Turner and Mrs Nolan        

Pre-Prep 2

Towards the end of last term many changes were occurring due to the pandemic, both at school and at home. Some of us stayed at home and self-isolated, others came to school. Regardless of where we were, we all experienced a variety of emotions. As the impact was being felt by the teachers, the girls and their families, we decided to talk about it, learn about it, sing and read about it, as a positive, child friendly way of dealing with this unprecedented event. We read some social stories including ‘My Name is Corona Virus’ & ‘Many Ways to Share a Hug’, listened to handwashing jingles and learnt the fabulous social distancing song by the Wiggles. At home and at school we created our very own ‘hugs’ of a different kind and spread joy with our words. In addition, we made rainbows and joined in the #rainbowtrail that is happening all around the world. We have been working hard to educate the girls and stop the spread of COVID-19 by:

  • Explicitly teaching handwashing and prompting the girls to clean their hands often. We have also been applying an alcohol-based hand rub at regular intervals.
  • Learning about social distancing with the help of the Wiggles fabulous, child friendly song.
  • Giving reminders about not touching our eyes, nose or mouth and covering our mouth with our elbow or a tissue if we are going to cough or sneeze.

On another note, we have been learning about butterflies as the girls showed interest and curiosity after the recent explosion of moths and butterflies in our community. We used images, songs and videos, as well as real life interactions to help stimulate conversation and engaged in many related experiences. At the start of the term, Miss Morrissey bought in some Monarch Butterfly eggs and some milkweed, their host plant, so that we could see the life cycle in action. This exploration has not only been exciting and loads of fun, but it has also incorporated social, science, art, literacy and numeracy learning and greatly increased our current skills, knowledge, understandings and abilities. We are currently excitedly awaiting the emergence of three more monarch butterflies.

In addition, we recently celebrated National Reconciliation Week, which occurs annually from 27 May until 3 June. The girls expanded their knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture through a variety of experiences. The focus was on this year’s theme, ‘In This Together’. Discussions centered around honesty and friendship, and how this helps us to grow as empathetic and compassionate world citizens. The girls were offered experiences to gain age-appropriate knowledge regarding Australia’s history, and how they can contribute to positive changes and build relationships within the community. NAIDOC week is fast approaching which will provide further opportunities for the girls to extend on their current knowledge of Indigenous people and culture. This year’s theme is “Always Was, Always Will Be”.

Other highlights from the term include welcoming our new friend Maddy, House Shirt day, celebrating our wonderful Mums, family week, birthdays and National Simultaneous Story Time. Mondi and I wish you a safe and memorable break. We can’t believe that it is nearly Term 3, time flies when you are having so much fun!

Miss Morrissey and Miss Stewart

Pre-Prep 3
Jingeri Families,

It has been a rollercoaster of a term and I congratulate you and your daughters for showing such positivity and resilience throughout these unprecedented times. The girls arrived back at school happy and eager to learn, and we have had such fun re-connecting and enjoying each other’s company again. The girls have spent most of this term investigating butterflies and building meaningful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout Reconciliation Week.

The chance meeting with a beautiful Blue Moon butterfly sparked a myriad of questions and queries from the girls and so began our ‘Butterfly Project’. During the term the girls investigated the lifecycle, using The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as our literacy connection. They made paper mâché cocoons, translucent Monarch Butterflies, AB pattern caterpillars and symmetry paintings, all accompanied by lots of writing and labelling. We even explored the dreamtime story ‘The Birth of the Butterflies’ and collaged and painted 2 giant butterflies with the rest of Pre-Prep in keeping with this year’s reconciliation theme – “In This Together”. We finished our butterfly project with a fabulous party celebrating all the girls’ hard work.

During Reconciliation Week all girls were involved in many different art activities, increasing their knowledge and understanding of the First Peoples, and reconciliation. We continued on from Term 1, looking deeper into Aboriginal symbols and their meanings and created sitting mats for our yarning circle. The girls also participated in painting natural resources, and threading beads in the colours of Australia.

The girls’ developing phonological awareness has been a focus every day, with rhyming games, syllable games and initial sound identification, and next term we will begin to discover the THRASS charts.

A big ‘thank you’ to Mrs R. for all her help this term. We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

Mrs Robson and Mrs Rautenbach

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace