Pre-Prep News - March 2020

Pre-Prep News - March 2020

Pre-Prep News – March 2020

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Over the last few months Miss Morrissey and I have been working on developing the Pre-Preparatory and OSHC Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This is a plan which is a formal statement of commitment to reconciliation underpinned by three key themes of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities. A RAP assists us to foster an enabling environment that promotes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ empowerment. Our RAP can be found on display in the Pre-Preparatory and OSHC Rooms.

Our Vision for Reconciliation:

At St Hilda’s Pre-Preparatory/OSHC we recognise and acknowledge the Kombumerri People of the Yugambeh Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the Land on which we play, learn and grow. Through our Acknowledgement of Country, the girls are supported to understand the importance of Country to Australia’s First Peoples.

St Hilda’s School’s Vision for Reconciliation is to:

  • Create a welcoming and inviting learning environment which is respectful and accepting of all cultures and acknowledges the true histories of the local area.
  • Educate and assist all teachers and educators in promoting inclusive practices and embedding these into our environment and curriculum.
  • Respectfully embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and ways of knowing and being into our practice and curriculum holistically, respecting histories and continued traditions.
  • Bring awareness and build stronger relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Our Goals for Reconciliation in 2020 include:


  1. Enhance teaching and learning activities by engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from within the Pre-Preparatory community.
  2. Provide opportunities for staff to build and extend knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
  3. Co-ordinate a Welcome to Country for significant events.
  4. Celebrate National reconciliation Week from 27 May to June each year.
  5. Build relationships with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community that are founded on mutual respect, trust and inclusiveness.


  1. Teach about the concept, history and progress of reconciliation in Australia.
  2. Raise awareness of current affairs and issues in the public domain that are of significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the process of reconciliation.
  3. Develop understanding of what it means to acknowledge Country and provide everyone the opportunity to do so at meetings and events throughout the year.
  4. Fly or display the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags all year round to demonstrate pride and respect for Australia’s First Peoples.
  5. Display a physical, durable Acknowledgement plaque or mural.
  6. Raise awareness of, teach about, and take positive action against racism.


  1. Ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures are incorporated in curriculum planning, development and evaluation processes.
  2. Ensure policies are inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
  3. Encourage staff to be involved in the ongoing development of the RAP through staff development opportunities.
  4. Celebrate RAP progress in the Pre-Preparatory and OSHC and throughout the community.


In Pre-Prep we encourage all children to bring a ‘nude lunchbox’ for the day. A nude lunchbox is one that has little or no wrappings. This makes for a healthier lunch which is often more economical in the packing. A healthy and nourishing lunchbox is important to help children stay alert and active throughout the day. It is recommended that children should meet half of their dietary nutrient requirements during the day whilst at Pre-Prep. In the girls’ lunchboxes there should be at least 3 serves of vegetables, 1 serve of fruit, 3 serves of dairy, 1 serve of meat or meat alternatives, 4 serves of breads and cereals and water to drink. The following link contains further information, hints and recipes parents will find helpful in planning a nude healthy lunchbox for their daughter.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

The recent visit to the Life Education Van by all classes reinforced this message, as well as other safety messages which included:

  • Wearing a helmet when riding a bike
  • Wearing a seat belt in a car
  • Crossing the road with an adult


Learning about the environment, animals and sustainability has also been a focus. We celebrated National Wildlife Day with a visit from Wild Rangers. The girls had the opportunity to see and touch a blue tongue and frilled-neck lizard, a turtle, snake, possum, crocodile and a tawny frogmouth. Each class raised funds to sponsor an Australian Native animal at Australia Zoo and we are looking forward to hearing about how each of these animals is growing. Thank you for your support of this initiative.

During the year we have a number of projects collecting items for recycling or reuse. These include:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Bread tags
  • Batteries
  • Toothbrushes and oral care items such as toothpaste containers, floss containers and electric toothbrush heads

All donated items can be delivered to the Sustainability Station in the Pre-Prep Centre.

Thank you to those families who joined us at the Clean Up Australia Day Event at The Spit on the weekend, doing their part in looking after our beautiful Gold Coast environment.


Date Time Activity and Venue
11 March Grevillea House Fundraising Day
16 – 20 March Open Swimming Lessons
20 March Harmony Day
2 April 8.45am Pre-Preparatory Easter Celebration
3 April 3.25pm Term 1 concludes
3 April Parent Teacher Interviews/Pre-Preparatory Classrooms
21 April 8.20am Term 2 commences

Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory


Listening is the active pursuit of understanding what the other person is saying and feeling. In active listening, the receiver tries to understand what the sender is feeling and what the message means. Active listening is an essential skill for children’s effective brain development and developing this skill will give your child the opportunity to learn more effectively throughout their life. We are focusing on developing active listening skills as a part of our Pre-Prep Program. Some tips for developing this skill are:

  1. Gain your child’s attention by saying their name, pause until they look at you.
  2. Encourage them to look at you and keep their body still and calm. Taking a deep breath can help. Do this together.
  3. Give clear, precise information or instruction, if giving a choice, make it a choice of 2 actual options, do not offer a choice that is unrealistic or unavailable.
  4. Encourage your child to repeat this back to you.
  5. Always say what you mean and follow through.

Some games you can play at home are:

  • Sound identification – Listen to the world around you, ask your child what they can hear, birds, cars, planes or use musical instruments.
  • Story recall – Encourage your child to recall parts of a favourite story.
  • Our day recall – encourage your child to recall favourite parts of their day.
  • Simon Says – use simple actions and play as well!

Karyn Turner
Inclusion Support Leader


We have had such a busy start to our year! We have welcomed back some of our girls from last year and welcomed in many new friends as well!

We have such a happy group of friends and we are all getting to know each other as we play together and share our ideas for learning.

We have entered an interesting Learning Journey this year, initially looking at Lunar New Year as we have several families who identified this as an important cultural event. Through our explorations, our journey began with attempting some challenging visual arts activities. Through our arts we made several observations which led us to change the direction of our journey slightly.

We found that when presented with a challenge, many of the girls declared “I can’t” and so we decided to change this to a more positive reaction and our mantra has become “I will try”!

Through this journey we have begun meeting our class Kimochis or ‘feeling friends’ who are helping us to relate and identify our own feelings and hopefully begin to practise more appropriate reactions to our emotions. So far, we have met Lovey Dove, Cloud and Hugtopus and the girls are voicing the feelings and appropriate reactions very well during our group experiences. We are supporting them with this in real life situations as they engage with their friends.

Parallel to this we have begun to support the girls with advancing their mark-making. This is a very individualised journey and the girls are now positively challenging themselves to develop and extend their skills with name writing and creating recognisable images through drawing, cutting and collage and painting.

Alongside all of this wonderful learning, we have been lucky enough to have a wonderful incursion ‘Wild Rangers’ – meeting some amazing Australian native animals and we raised enough money to adopt our own echidna “Yella” through a wonderful conservation program at Australia Zoo.

We have also had the opportunity to be involved in the Life Education Van program, meeting Healthy Harold and learning about making good choices to keep our bodies healthy.

Mrs Turner and Mrs Nolan


We have had a memorable and exciting start to the year in Pre-Prep 2. Mondi and I have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming you and getting to know your daughters over the past month. As we got to know your girls, family became a popular topic of discussion. This led to us further exploring our identity and where we live through stories, art and discussion. The girls had various opportunities one on one and in group settings to share special things about them, their loved ones and their home. Please take the time to view and have a read of our project work and classroom displays, which showcase some of the girls work

as well as the learning and discovery that has taken p

lace. If you haven’t already done so, please email a family photo and your hopes and wishes for your daughter this year.

On another note, our dramatic play environment has been a hive of activity all term. This role play area was set up in collaboration with the girls and is based on their interests and ideas. We began the term with a kitchen, which then turned into an ice cream parlour. This change was initiated by two of the girls and was positively supported by their peers. It has been wonderful observing the girls as they explore this area of the classroom, and encouraging them to take on a variety of roles, use their imaginations and develop turn-taking skills.

Other highlights from our first weeks of Pre-Prep include; learning some French, Mandarin, Maori and sign language, cooking, our ‘Bucket Filling’ and emotions exploration, visiting Healthy Harold, making new friends, Lunar New Year celebrations, our first House colour day and the recent Wildlife Ranger visit.

We look forward to working with you throughout the year to ensure positive outcomes for your girls. Thank you for your support, contributions and kindness so far, it is valued and greatly appreciated.

Miss Morrissey and Miss Stewart


Welcome to our returning girls and new families. It has been such a pleasure getting to know your daughter and we look forward to finding out more about her throughout the term. We have had a very busy and productive start to the year and have been encouraging the girls to develop a strong sense of their own identity within the kindergarten program. They have been exploring what it means to be ‘me’ and have drawn some amazing self-portraits. This has then led to conversations about what they like about themselves. We are also working on supporting their wellbeing – socially, emotionally and spiritually – through shared reading, relaxation techniques and aesthetic and artistic experiences.

Name recognition has been a focus and the girls identify their names for roll call each morning. They are also beginning to discover the letters in their name, and some are learning the correct formation of these letters.

Along the way we’ve also learnt about the Lunar New Year, how to stay healthy with Healthy Harold, why we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and the importance of caring for our Australian wildlife. Currently we are learning all about Koya, a little koala we’ve sponsored at Australia Zoo. Imaginary play has also been popular, with the girls enjoying our Pizza Parlour, fairy garden and dress ups.

Every day we work on:

  • Listening and following instructions
  • Conflict resolution…sharing and respect for others
  • Independence with self-help routines
  • Participating in a range of activities
  • Making friends
  • Having fun!

Thank you for a wonderful start to the year.

Mrs Robson and Mrs Robards

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace