Pre-Prep News - May 2019

Pre-Prep News - May 2019

Pre-Prep News – May 2019

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Welcome back to all children and families. I hope that you have enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together as a family over Easter. This term we welcome Abigail File (PP3, Grevillea) and her family to the St Hilda’s Pre-Preparatory.


We are celebrating National Family Reading Month in the Junior School and are challenging each girl to read with family members every day in May. A Family Reading Challenge Record Sheet will be provided so that you can track your family’s reading progress by colouring a lamp every day your child reads.  At the end of May each child who completes the Challenge and hands in their challenge sheet, will receive a small prize.

Furthermore, to celebrate Family Reading Month, the children can dress up as their favourite Book Character on Friday 24 May.  Prizes will be awarded for the best Book Character in each class.

There is a wealth of research supporting daily reading with children. Twenty minutes reading each day provides significant benefits as the time accumulates. Investing this time in your daughter is not only enjoyable, but will have profound benefits. It is a wonderful way of having ‘quality’ one-to-one time with your child. In addition to building relationships, this time will also improve her academic performance, improve listening skills and increase vocabulary. This month make it a priority to read to with your daughter for at least twenty minutes every day.


Educators never stop learning. Last week our teachers and educators participated in a workshop run by Ms Alana Hampton (Head of Art). Designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in working with clay, the workshop was enjoyed by all staff members. The children will be exploring the clay medium this term with their teachers. Working with clay is a multi-sensory experience as children love the feel of the mushy clay. It is great for developing children’s large muscle and fine motor co-ordination. The large muscles are used as the clay is solid and give a lot of resistance as they work with it. The fine motor control is exercised as well as the children pinch and roll and maneuver the clay to do what they want. There are four stages of development that children go through in their clay play that closely mirror their development in other areas of art.

  1. Exploring the clay
  2. Learning what the clay can do – rolling, squeezing, pinching, poking, pounding, tearing and stretching
  3. Making items from clay – snake, snowman, food
  4. Come to clay activities with an idea in mind about what they are going to make and what accessories they will use


Throughout the year we invite parents to comment and give feedback on our policies and procedures. Parental feedback is valuable and very much appreciated. This week all Pre-Prep parents should have received an email highlighting the Physical Environment Policies and Procedures for Pre-Prep to review and are encouraged to provide feedback on these through email to myself. Physical Environment is Quality Area Three and encompasses policies relating to the design and use of the physical environment within the Centre including resource use and supporting children to become environmentally responsible.


In Term 2 all Pre-Preparatory children are required to wear white runners and school socks instead of the navy sandals, as part of the uniform each day. The Junior School jacket and tracksuit pants are also an option as the weather becomes cooler this term.

The Uniform Shop will be open for purchases on:

  • Monday – Friday from 7.30am – 1.30pm


A School Banking Account Opening Morning will be held on Wednesday 8 May between 8.00am and 9.00am. School Banking is open to all students from Pre-Prep – Year 6 and their siblings. The Commonwealth Bank will conduct the Account Opening Morning where students can register to be part of the program. Please bring along a Birth Certificate of students wishing to open an account.


Date Time Activity and Venue
1 May – 31 May Family Reading Month commences
8 May 8.00 – 9.00am School Banking Account Opening Morning
8 May Mother’s Day Market Stall
12 May Mother’s Day Classic
17 May House Colour Day
20 May Premier’s Reading Challenge Begins
23 May Tristania House Fundraising Day
4 June 7.30 – 9.20am Mother/Grandmother/Daughter BBQ Breakfast and Activities Morning
8 June Junior School Musical/HOTA
12 June Women’s Auxiliary High Tea/The Paradise Show Room – HOTA
17 June Under Eight’s Celebration Day
21 June Portfolio Interviews

Mrs Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory

Pre-Prep 1

Welcome back for Term 2! We had such a wonderful time learning, playing together and making new friends in Term 1.

One of the most wonderful experiences was our fantastic Easter Hat Parade on our last day!

The girls had so much fun decorating their princess cone hats with LOTS of sparkly glitter, Easter stickers and sparkling eggs and we did so well parading them for our families before treating everyone to our fantastic dancing!

We hope everyone had a happy and safe school holidays. We have come back with so many stories and jumped straight into learning about the importance of celebrating ANZAC day and the wonderful men and women who have kept and continue to keep our country a safe place to live.

For ANZAC day we read a wonderful story called “Lest We Forget” by Kerry Brown and created our own poppies using mixed mediums of collage, painting and drawing. We also LOVED helping to make some delicious ANZAC biscuits – and we got to eat them at lunch time!!

Mrs Turner and Mrs Nolan

Pre-Prep 2

It was so wonderful to see the girls so eager and excited to come back to school. We hope you had an enjoyable break and a Happy Easter. Thank you for joining us on the last day of Term 1, the girls were thrilled to be able to show off their Easter hat creations and dance moves. Also, on the final day of term, we were lucky enough to have Year 4 come to share dreamtime stories that they had written and illustrated in class. Thank you 4A for engaging with our girls so beautifully and sharing your stories and IT skills with us. At the end of the session we shared some of our skills with Year 4, our dance skills, which resulted in lots of smiles and laughter. These experiences are beneficial to all involved and we will continue to collaborate with and learn from the wider school community throughout the year.

During our first week back, we reflected on our holidays through art and discussion, spoke about ANZAC day and explored the story ‘My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day’. We also sampled ANZAC biscuits and made poppies as a class, whilst talking about the significance of both the poppy and rosemary. In addition, the girls thoroughly enjoyed exploring the various new environments in the room, such as the castle and ocean small world areas, the hair and beauty salon and light studio.

Over the coming weeks we will be busily preparing for Mother’s Day, further exploring the girls’ current interests and curiosities and are very much looking forward to the upcoming Ocean Life Education incursion.

Welcome back, here’s to another magical and memorable term full of learning and fun!

Miss Morrissey and Miss Stewart

Pre-Prep 3

Welcome back. We’re so glad to see all your smiling faces as you return to school.

Thank you, families, for coming to experience our Easter celebrations at the end of last term. The girls had a wonderful time and certainly enjoyed their hot cross buns!

This term we will be continuing to:

  • promote social, emotional, physical and cognitive development and wellbeing
  • view children as diverse learners, who are competent and creative meaning-makers
  • encourage children to investigate and explore materials and ideas through play and purposeful interactions.

We began the term by discussing ANZAC Day and used a wonderful book called ‘Anzac Ted’ to help. He even came to visit us, and we all got to give him a huge cuddle and say thank you. We planted some rosemary for remembrance and each girl took a sprig home to wear to the ANZAC Day services or to grow.

We also looked at some photos that the girls bought in of their Great-Great Grandfathers dressed in their army uniforms. Lest We Forget.

Mrs Robson and Mrs Robards

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace