Pre-Prep News - November 2019

Pre-Prep News - November 2019

Pre-Prep News – November 2019

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The Pre-Prep Christmas Concert was certainly a highlight this week. The classes have been rehearsing very hard this term in readiness. It was a wonderful event and I thank all families for attending. We will send each family a link to the video of the concert next week. Please click to view the Channel 7 News Clip of the concert.


In 1989, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child to protect and promote the non-negotiable rights of all children across the world. November 20 WAS the 30th anniversary of the Rights of the Child. The Convention advocates for a world where children are granted protection from discrimination, poverty, neglect and abuse; are treated with dignity and respect; are consulted in matters that affect them and are empowered to express their opinions about matters that directly impact on their lives.

 Please find linked below a brochure about ways to support and encourage a child’s right to speak and be heard.


Pre-Preparatory Yearly Reports will be available on Parent Lounge from Monday 9 December. These reports give feedback to parents regarding their daughter’s development and incorporate the Transition Statement for Prep Teachers.


The last day of Pre-Preparatory for 2019 is Wednesday 27 November.

VACATION CARE – December and January

St Hilda’s School Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) will be operating their Vacation Care Program from Thursday 28 November – Tuesday 28 January. Families requiring care for their children in Pre-Prep – Year 6 during the holiday break are encouraged to book.  Bookings can be completed by logging onto the iStHildas App and select Parent Resources/MyStHildas/OSHC.

Click here to learn more about the exciting activities on offer. 

For further enquiries please contact Mrs Amanda Robards by email on

On behalf of the staff of Pre-Preparatory, I wish all our families a very holy and happy Christmas. I hope you enjoy the time with family and friends, and I look forward to welcoming you back in 2020.


Date Time Activity and Venue
27 November Last day of Pre-Prep for 2019
8 December Deadline for 2020 Book Pack Order (No delivery Fees)

Mrs Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory

Pre-Prep 1

What a busy and fast Term this has been! We have had lots of fun and have made some amazing creations and memories with our friends.

The girls have enjoyed being involved more in Junior School with our Religious Education and French lessons moving into the Junior School classrooms, and we have had the opportunity to have Prep experiences as a part of our orientation process.

We have been busy and excited about our preparation for the End of Year Concert. Practicing our singing and actions and cannot wait to perform as little Trolls for our family and friends!

On Thursday 14 November we held our gymnastics carnival and it was fantastic to have nearly everyone able to make it to show off the wonderful skills the girls have developed throughout Terms 3 and 4 during their gymnastics lessons. They were particularly happy to receive their medals for their hard work and participation.

Of course, with us finishing at the end of November, we have been lucky enough to begin our Christmas celebrations early. We have had a special visitor in our classroom each day, our very own Elf on the Shelf. The girls named her Isabelle on her first day and she has been very busy each night using her magic to fly off to the North Pole to tell Santa the wonderful, kind and thoughtful things we have been doing each day. She took all our letters off to Santa but had to get her friend Frank the Elf to help carry back the replies – she was just too tired!

Our room has been decorated and the girls are loving playing with the knitted nativity scene and in our Christmas corner. We have also been very busy completing our amazing presents and cards for our families!

We would like to wish everyone a very safe holiday period and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mrs Turner and Mrs Nolan

Pre-Prep 2

I can’t believe as I sit and write that we are mid-way through November! Time flies when you are having so much fun! I would again like to extend a warm welcome to Isla, Milla, Sophia and their loved ones who have joined our class community this term. Everyone returned to school with many stories to tell and items to show. The girls were so excited about the return of our four travelling toy friends, Rocky the monkey, Ellie the elephant, Everest the tiger and Freddie the giraffe. We have enjoyed hearing about their adventures.

Our visits to Prep have begun, and the girls are thoroughly enjoying the experiences. We are learning about playground rules and equipment, becoming familiar with the different Prep environments, and making lots of wonderful, new friends. We can’t wait to further explore and learn new things with our friends from Prep. Thank you Mrs Doyle and Mrs Finch for planning these experiences and welcoming our girls so warmly. They haven’t stopped talking about their buddies! Orientation day was a success, with all of the girls spending the morning with their 2020 class. They shared with excitement what they had been up to.

On another note, to celebrate World Mental Health Day, we engaged in a variety of experiences. Early on in the day I asked the girls ‘What can we do to keep our brains healthy and happy?’ Their responses were amazing! They suggested vegetables, water, exercise, fruit, and sleep. I also spoke to the girls about meditation and giving our minds a break. Following on from this, we engaged in a rainbow meditation and a delicious rainbow vegetable pizza cooking experience. In addition, we spoke of the importance of keeping our brain safe by wearing a helmet and whilst in a vehicle, a seat belt. We drew portraits and shared why we are special. Feeling accepted, supported, loved and celebrated is the foundation of happiness. I hope all of our girls feel these things when they are at school. The girl’s voices and their portraits are displayed in the classroom for your viewing. Additionally, each morning we greet one another. The girls enjoy leading this each day. As part of our health discussion I explained to the girls that being kind to self and others helps to keep us feeling great. Check out the girls beautiful red butterflies on the World Kindness Day display in the Prep under croft.

The girls have regularly requested and shown a real passion for painting this term. These experiences allow the girls to express their feelings, emotions and creativity. It supports the girls to develop vital fine motor skills, coordination, fine muscle strength, language skills and imagination. Painting encourages them to try new experiences, feel a sense of pride and achievement with what they can produce and gain confidence in their learning and abilities. In addition, the girls have shown a large interest in block play and have displayed great creativity whilst engaged in play in that environment. To extend on this passion, as well as to further their social, fine motor and language skills, we created teams and set challenges for the girls. Furthermore, we stocked the block area with a variety of construction materials, loose parts and visuals of buildings and structures from around the world to inspire and motivate the girls to create.

We had lifesavers join us from Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club who shared with the girls very important information regarding surf safety. We explored various beach signage including the many different coloured flags that we may see at the beach; red (danger), yellow (warning/caution), black and white (board riders) and red and yellow (safe swimming zone). We learnt that if we ever get into trouble in the water, we need to stay calm and wave a hand in the air to signal for help. The lifesavers also taught us a little bit about their role and demonstrated one way they can rescue a swimmer. The girls had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the life savers throughout the session which was wonderful. In kindergarten programs, play, real-life engagements, routines and transitions are the contexts for the interactions and conversations important for learning. When children actively engage with others in these contexts, they build relationships, co-construct learning, reconstruct ideas and reflect on new ways to make sense of the world (QKLG, 2019).

To celebrate the girls wonderful bucket-filling behaviour and achievements this term, we had a water party. So much laughter and smiles were shared as we slid, jumped, splashed and dashed through the water. “This is the best day ever Miss Morrissey” (Stella).

Thank you for joining us at the gym carnival and Christmas concert. The girls were ecstatic to be able to show you their talents and skills. We hope you can come along to our class party in Week 8 to spend some final time together and reflect on what has been a spectacular and memorable year.

Finally, thank you for your generous contributions to the Giving Tree appeal. We wish you all a blissful, safe and relaxing break. May your Christmas be absolutely magical!

Miss Morrissey and Miss Stewart

Pre-Prep 3

Like all good things, this year has almost come to an end. What a wonderful year it has been, and just like the story, the girls have grown from wiggly little caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. They have astounded me with their continual growth and their journey has been a privilege to watch.

Some of the highlights and achievements this term have been:

  • Seeing the girls create beautiful pieces of art using varying techniques.
  • Watching their confidence soar as they presented their Spring Journals to the class.
  • Identifying the THRASS boxes and the phoneme at the beginning of their names.
  • Working in teams to learn and create.
  • Getting back in the pool again.
  • Visiting the Prep classrooms and the playground.

……and most importantly……

  • Observing the girls show increasing empathy skills through exploring kindness and understanding gratitude.

After all, it is our acts of kindness towards each other that create feelings of thankfulness for what we have. The Giving Tree, Remembrance Day, Children’s Week and International Kindness Day have all been wonderful examples of the girls’ kindness.

Thank you for a brilliant year. Have a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Mrs Robson and Mrs Robards

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace