Pre-Prep News - September 2019

Pre-Prep News - September 2019

Pre-Prep News – September 2019

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The Pre-Prep girls experienced their first Athletics Carnival last week. Running races, relays and minor games were held on the oval and were a feature of the morning enjoyed by the girls. Congratulations to the girls on their efforts and to the HPE staff for their preparation for the day.


Parent Teacher interviews are being held on Friday, 20 September. This is an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to sit and share information about the girls’ development and progress. If you have not already made an appointment, please ensure that you book a time through Parent Lounge.


It was great to see so many of our fathers and grandfathers join us last week for the Grandfather, Father, Daughter Morning. Following a delicious breakfast, our guests joined in activities in the classrooms. The girls really enjoyed participating in activities with their Dads. These included tie making, pot painting and planting a seed, box collage, circus activities and a photo booth.


Term 4 is our final term of Pre-Prep and. The girls have grown significantly this year and will soon begin the transition to Prep. The transition process will include classroom activities in Prep, orientation to the Prep Playground, joining the Prep – Year 2 Chapel Services and Assemblies in Term 4 and attending the Transition to Prep Morning on Monday, 18 November. There are also many things that parents can do in Term 4 to help in preparation for Prep. These include:

  • Arriving in the mornings between 8.00am – 8.20am and have a quick farewell
  • Allowing your daughter to pack and unpack her own bag in the morning
  • Ensuring your daughter has a good daily routine and adequate sleep
  • Allowing your daughter to dress and undress herself and put on her own shoes
  • Keeping toys or sleeping blankets at home
  • Reading with your daughter as often as possible
  • Following the recommendation that children have their eyes and hearing tested prior to moving into Prep in 2020

Parents will soon receive information regarding the 2020 Prep Parent Information Session to be held in Term 4.


Throughout the year we invite parents to comment and give feedback on our policies and procedures. Parental feedback is valuable and very much appreciated. This month all Pre-Prep parents should have received an email highlighting the Governance and Leadership Policies and Procedures for Pre-Prep to review and are encouraged to provide feedback on these through email to myself. Governance and Leadership is Quality Area Seven and encompasses policies relating to the Service’s philosophy, management, educational leadership, continuous improvement and the development of professionals.

We have also invited parents to give feedback on the Pre-Preparatory Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy which can be found on the School website under the Pre-Prep drop down menu/Safeguarding our Children.


Swimming for Pre-Prep classes will recommence in Week 1 of Term 4. Children will require their swimming kit including St Hilda’s swimmers, wet shirt, House cap, School towel, swimming bag, goggles, thongs and sunscreen from the first day of next term.

St Hilda’s Aquatics are offering holiday intensive classes which are a great way to reintroduce the skills for swimming. Please find information regarding the Holiday Intensives attached HERE.


Parents with siblings wishing to commence at St Hilda’s Pre-Preparatory in 2020 are strongly encouraged to ensure they have submitted an application for enrolment to ensure availability of a place for next year.

Should your daughter not be continuing as a student in 2020, parents are reminded that it is a condition of enrolment that one term’s notice must be given in writing to the School.  We commit resources on the basis of confirmed enrolment numbers, and termination of an enrolment without notice denies another student the opportunity of a place.   If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Admissions or 07 5577 7232


Date Time Activity and Venue
19 September Term 3 concludes
20 September 8.00am – 3.30pm Parent/Teacher Interviews
11 October 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 2 Assembly/MPC
14 October – 8 November Giving Tree Appeal
17 October 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 2 Chapel/Chapel
17 October 5.30 – 6.30pm 2020 Prep – Year 6 New Student Parent Information Evening/JS STEAM Building
21 October Pupil Free Day
23 October 11.45am – 12.15pm Pre-Prep Surf Safety Presentation/Abbey 5
24 October 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 2 Chapel/Chapel
25 October Day For Daniel – Wear a red accessory
25 October 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 2 Assembly/MPC
29 October House Colour Day
31 October 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 2 Chapel/Chapel
7 November 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 2 Chapel/Chapel
8 November 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 2 Assembly – Presentation of Premier’s Reading Challenge Certificates/MPC
8 November 6.00 – 7.30pm Principal’s and OGA Cocktail Party and Art Show/JR Café
14 November 2.30 – 3.00pm Pre-Prep – Year 3 Chapel/Chapel
18 November 9.00 – 11.00am 2020 Student Transition Day/Junior School
18 November – 22 November Junior School Book Fair/JS Library
20 November 9.00 – 11.00am Pre-Prep Christmas Celebration/Chapel
27 November Last day of Pre-Prep for 2019

Mrs Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory

Pre-Preparatory 1

The second half of Term 3 has been a very busy one, with lots of learning and fun with our families and friends!

We have followed the girls interests and investigated the importance of good oral hygiene, discussing many topics from healthy eating and drinking to good teeth brushing techniques and the role of dentists, as well as our own experiences seeing dentists, receiving a special tooth brushing kit – which has apparently really been welcomed at home with very enthusiastic teeth brushing occurring everyday by some of the girls!

We have also been lucky enough to begin feeding and welcoming into our garden native creatures, with a particular interest shown in PP1 with the lorikeets, who we feed a special nutritious wet food every few days. The lorikeets feed and nest in the large gum trees around our wonderful school and they have been visiting us in our trees and are quite relaxed as we watch them feed and chatter!

One of our main learning focus areas has been our small literacy and numeracy groups, with the girls really enjoying developing their skills, knowledge and understandings through fun, hands-on small group games and activities. We have begun exploring the THRASS chart, developing our knowledge of letter names, recognising numerals and developing our understanding of the role they can play in representing the number of items in a group.

September is also the time for our very exciting sports carnival – the Picnic Races. The girls and their families showed up with fantastic enthusiasm and enjoyed the spirit of the day participating so well in the racing and games before enjoying a wonderful morning tea back in our Pre-Prep yard.

We have really loved celebrating our wonderful Fathers and Grandfathers in September, creating special keyrings and yummy hot chocolate spoons, as well as making marble-effect wrapping paper and writing in our own cards to spoil them! On Tuesday we also had a wonderful time with our Fathers and Grandfathers at the school breakfast before they joined us in the classroom to enjoy decorating cookies, drawing and painting feet together and creating some amazing feats of engineering with box collage!

Spring has also been the time for growing, with our veggie patch continuing to yield delicious carrots and tomatoes and we have had the opportunity to explore the school grounds as we have collected soil to plant a special new spring flower garden – we just can’t wait for it to grow!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday and we can’t wait to see everyone back for the start of Term 4!

Mrs Turner and Mrs Nolan

Pre-Preparatory 2

In the lead up to Father’s Day we learnt some wonderful new poems and songs to share with our Fathers at the Grandfather, Father, daughter morning. We engaged in discussions about our Dads and what makes them special and the girls’ responses were just delightful. Card writing and related drawing experiences provided opportunities for the girls to express themselves and build on their fine motor skills. In addition, we enjoyed listening to stories about Fathers such as: ‘Some Dads’, ‘My Dad’s the Best’ and ‘With My Daddy’. One thing that has been obvious throughout all these experiences is the girls love for their Fathers. It has been a pleasure observing the joy, skill, pride, attention to detail, enthusiasm and love the girls have exuded whilst talking, writing, drawing and singing about their Dads.

We recently experienced the Bug Kidz Insect Show which helped to enhance the girl’s environmental awareness through a fun storyline which incorporated insect puppets, music, laughs and play. During the show we learnt about the environmental significance of insects in our world.  We also discovered that if we eliminate insects from this world there will be no trees and plants, fruits and vegetables, and hence there would be no life. The show also shared with us the importance of composting and worm farming rather than putting our scraps in the rubbish bin, which causes harmful gases that damage the ozone layer. Composting and worm farming are a great way to recycle our fruit and vegetable scraps and give us valuable resources for our gardens.  We are lucky enough to have both a worm farm and compost bin in our Pre-Prep Centre. The girls are doing well at sorting their rubbish at mealtimes and assisting the educators to maintain the compost and worm farm.

In addition to organising the show, we have extended on the girl’s interest in insects and bugs both inside and outside the classroom through a variety of experiences. We looked closely at butterflies, explored their anatomy, life cycle and diet. We acted out the life cycle, had a go a sequencing the stages and learnt a catchy song, which I am sure you have heard at home. We are also looking at other insects that complete metamorphosis such as a lady beetle. Furthermore, we got creative and used clay and natural materials to construct our favourite mini beast. The results were amazing and are on display in our class art studio.

National Child Protection Week takes place in September and is a time to raise awareness and promote the safety and wellbeing of all children. We incorporated this event into the program due to the importance of the issue and the fact that we want the girls to feel safe/secure and know that there is always someone to talk to. We engaged in discussions about safe choices/risks, what it means to feel safe and noted that everyone deserves to be loved and protected. We brainstormed and shared ideas about the people in our lives who help to keep us safe and happy. Some of the girl’s responses were: grandparents, Mummy, Daddy, police, aunties, uncles and teachers. The girls painted their own hand and made a print which we used to record 5 people in their life who support them, love them, and help them to feel safe and happy.

On another note, we recently encountered a furry friend in our playground. The girls were fascinated by the possum which put on quite a show for us as it climbed, scurried, jumped and slid around our yard. During and after our discovery the girls shared their thoughts and observations. “Look, that is the possum that came from the zoo”, “It can fly”, “What is a possum?”, “Possums eat leaves and dirt” …These questions, comments and misconceptions will form the foundation of our future learning about possums. We have so far explored what a possum is, the different features of a brushtail possum, its habitat and diet. We can’t wait to discover and learn more about these gorgeous marsupials.

Grandfather, Father, Daughter Morning was a highlight for the girls. They enjoyed gardening, drawing and painting with their loved ones and showcased their fabulous singing and dance skills during a special musical performance. Another highpoint for us was the Athletics Carnival. The girls worked towards this exciting event throughout Term 3. They practiced their team and motor skills in order to successfully participate in the track and field events on the day. They ran, hurdled and skipped, as well as engaged in three team events: rob the nest, chicken relay and parachute fun. The girls were so excited to be able to show off their skills and share a morning of action with their loved ones and teachers. Thank you so much for joining us at these memorable events, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Mondi and I wish you a safe and relaxing term break. Thank you for your support and kindness during what has been a big, bright and learning-filled term.

Miss Morrissey and Miss Stewart

Pre-Preparatory 3

Hello Families,

Goodness me I can hardly believe the holidays are almost here! The girls have had a very enjoyable term with so many exciting events.

Our ‘Bug Kids’ incursion was a hit with all the girls learning about how the different bugs in our garden contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment. They even had an opportunity to touch a stick insect!

The Premier’s Reading Challenge gave us all a great opportunity to extend our love of literacy, and the girls familiarised themselves with the art of storytelling – through music, pictures, puppets and our imagination.

The highlight of the term was our gorgeous Athletics Carnival with all girls saying how much fun they had. The hurdles and chicken relay were their favourite games.

Grandfather, Father, Daughter morning was a great opportunity for the girls to show their families our classroom and their work on display. We had a cute circus theme, and everyone enjoyed balancing on the tightrope, hoopla, a photo booth and creating funny ties.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

We look forward to an exciting Term 4!

Mrs Robson and Mrs Robards

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace