Innovative Programs

Innovative Programs


In the Pre-Preparatory year, the students take part in specialist lessons that are taught by the teachers of St Hilda’s Junior School.


The Pre-Prep girls visit the Junior School Library weekly to listen to stories read by the Librarian and borrow books to take home.

Physical Education (PE)

In the summer terms (1 and 4), the Pre-Prep girls undertake 2 swimming lessons per fortnight in the school pool on campus. The girls are grouped according to ability level and placed with a swimming teacher. During winter, the girls participate in sports lessons that help with their co-ordination, ball and gross-motor skills and balance.


The girls participate in weekly gymnastics lessons run by Delta Gymnastics as part of the Pre-Prep Curriculum. In our wonderfully-equipped gymnasium, the girls experience a range of apparatus that help with building their strength especially in their upper body which in turn assists fine motor development.


French and Japanese are studied in Pre-Prep. The girls begin weekly lessons with the teacher learning numbers, colours, greetings, special occasions, body parts, animals and songs about the French and Japanese culture.


A specialised, weekly music lesson with the Junior School music teacher allows the Pre-Prep girls to begin an appreciation of musical instruments and language. The children’s listening and performance skills are enhanced by musical experiences which include:

  • moving and dancing
  • singing songs and rhymes
  • playing musical games
  • practicing pitch matching and performing beats and rhythms on percussion instruments

Religious Education (RE)

The Religious Education lessons at St Hilda’s School commence in Pre-Prep and continue through to Year 12.  The year begins with learning about Creation and then goes on to discuss such concepts as the meaning of Easter and Christmas celebrations.  Values such as love, forgiveness, care and compassion are taught through the Parables in the Bible.

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace