Traineeship in Childcare

Traineeship in Childcare


In Years 11 and 12 St Hilda’s students can choose to participate in a school-based traineeship that will give them a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. This certificate will allow them to work in a Child Care Centre as an assistant educator.

Students work one day per week in the classroom alongside the teacher and teacher aide and can do the following daily duties.

·         Assist with the setting up and maintenance of a safe indoor and outdoor environment.

·         Assist with the preparation of resources and materials.

·         Work with small groups of children as directed by the teacher.

·         Assist with the supervision and overall well-being of the Pre-Prep students.

·         Maintain the hygiene of the environment, both indoor and outdoor.

·         Assist with specialist lessons and implementation of the Pre-Prep curriculum.

There are numerous advantages for the Pre-Preparatory when the students complete their 100 days of practical work in the classroom. The ratio of student to teacher in the 4 year old age category is 1:11. In the Pre-Prep, we exceed that ratio by having another staff member in the classroom. This enables the children to complete more hands-on activities that may require more adult supervision. An extra pair of hands is also wonderful during HPE lessons when children are putting on their swimmers, cap and goggles and teaching self-help skills such as opening lunch containers, putting on jackets and packing school bags. Additional staff in the classroom enables teachers to plan small group activities for learners who require further support and other students who need extension.


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