School Newsletter - June 2020

School Newsletter - June 2020

School Newsletter – June 2020

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From the Principal, Wendy Lauman

WHAT MAKES US CONNECT – When all are valued

In this second newsletter of a most unusual term, you will hear the voices of some of our student leaders who have been helping to shape opportunities for the girls and staff to connect and recognize what we each bring to the School community. I am sure you will enjoy viewing their videos.

Edwina Thomson – School Captain, Edi Licciardi and Summer Welsh – Middle School Student Council Representatives, Charlize Hamilton – Junior School Captain and Clementine Henderson – Junior School Vice-Captain, have led the Student Council this year with a strong emphasis on providing a forum for student voices to be heard and a space where awareness of each other’s needs can lead to action.

I often hear and read the wisdom of researcher, Brene Brown, being referred to this year. Brene is perhaps best known for her work on vulnerability. In describing the qualities which enable us to be vulnerable, she examines the role of empathy and how this emotion fuels connection. Empathy, Brene proposes, facilitates perspective taking, staying out of judgement, recognizing emotion in other people and feeling with people.

With all that has transpired locally and globally in recent times, it has not been surprising that our students, through the Student Council, have sought to build connection by dedicating this week to empathetic thoughts and actions. Chalk messages encouraging self-care, flash mobs celebrating teachers with a rendition of Spandau Ballet’s “Gold” (who’d have thought our millennials would be referencing the 80s?), videos, thank-you cards recognising the significant contributions of our many non-teaching staff, and visual recognition celebrating the value of others in our lives, have reminded us each day to pause and reflect on the way we see those who walk alongside us.

Term 2 of 2020 concludes next Friday 19 June. It is certain to be a time that will be referenced in the future as a significant achievement in our community’s growth and development. In other communications I have thanked our parents and our staff for their unfaltering support of our students during a year which I’m sure many have found extremely challenging, but now is a time to thank our girls, to recognize their courage, and their willingness to be seen, to be heard, and to respond, in order that we all remember to co-create a society where all are valued.

Wendy Lauman

From our Student Leaders

From our School Captain,
Edwina Thomson

From our Middle School Student Representatives, 
Summer Welsh and Edi Licciardi

From our Junior School Captain and Vice Captain,
Charlize Hamilton and Clementine Henderson

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace