Senior School News - 17 October 2018

Senior School News - 17 October 2018

Senior School News – 17 October 2018

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Welcome back to Term 4, the end of term will be upon us soon enough. There are a number of events and activities that will be occurring as we farewell the Seniors of 2018 and celebrate the achievements of all the girls in their co-curricular and academic pursuits.

Last week at Senior School Assembly we celebrated a number of achievements. A number of girls achieved well in Language Competitions last term:

  • Maia Everest -Migliore was awarded a Highly Commended for her presentation in the Alliance Francaise’s Song and Poetry competition.
  • In the MLTAQ Speech Competition held at Griffith University, the following students received Highly Commended Certificates:
    • Hilary Hon (Year 10)
    • Natasha Buckler and Tina Zhang (Year 12)
  • Anna Finlayson was awarded an Emerald Certificate for the Queensland Competition on Language Perfect.

We heard from Ebony Gallagher who spoke on behalf of her sister Olivia and Grace Flynn who trekked to Everest Base camp in the School Holidays. It was an amazing experience and took the girls and their families out of their comfort zones. They learnt so much about the culture of the Nepalese people and saw some amazing scenery.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Hanna Shrubshall spoke about the various activities we are doing to raise awareness and funds. Later in the month the girls will be purchasing pink ribbons for a gold coin donation and taking part in a Zumba class.

Ella Fitzpatrick talked about the stationery drive that we will be commencing shortly for St Jude’s new girls’ school in Tanzania. The girls who are travelling to Tanzania at the end of the school year will be taking the donated items with them.

This week girls from Year 7 -12 had the opportunity to audition for X & Y Factor. The competition, organised by the Music Captains, is a great opportunity for the girls to showcase their talents and the finals will be held this Friday.

Last week, a number of Year 11 students went to TSS for 3 days to take part in the Australian Business Week program. The program provided the girls with the opportunity to work as part of a team to run a Manufacturing company in a competitive environment. On arrival the girls where partnered with the TSS boys to form 3 companies. Each company was assigned a business mentor from the TSS school community. The first activity was a ‘get to know you’ activity where they had to work together as a team. Once the ice was broken the students were introduced to the program and the areas of activity that each company would be competing on. Once the overview was provided, each company held a meeting, under the guidance of their mentor, to form their company, elect a CEO and CFO and identify the roles and responsibilities of the other members to the Marketing, Operations or Finance Group. Once that was done, the group held a brainstorming session to come up with their new product before commencing the abundant tasks needed to be completed.

On Wednesday the Year 10 Business, Finance and Management students attended the inaugural ‘Celebration of Entrepreneurship’ held at Somerset College. The aim of the festival is to support the growth of entrepreneurial skills amongst students.

Uniform is once again a focus for this term. The appearance of students reflects on each student and on our School as a whole.  An area of particular concern for senior students is the tunic length, which should be knee length, and jewelry. Only one small pair of sleepers or small stud earrings (silver/gold/pearl or with a small gemstone) worn in the lobes, are allowed. Clear plastic earrings and other items of jewellery are not permitted. Necklaces worn for sentimental or religious reasons should not be seen. Nails should be of an appropriate length and coloured nail polish is not permitted. Eyelashes should be of a natural length. A number of School shoes are looking a little neglected; these should be polished. Your daughter should have a hat (this term is the Summer Panama), and it should be worn to and from school.

Thank you for your ongoing support of school expectations.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace