Senior School News - 2 May 2018

Senior School News - 2 May 2018

Senior School News – 2 May 2018

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Welcome back to Term 2. I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break. This term is a shorter one with much to get through! At the end of last term it was announced that Mr Tim Crowe would be working with our Head of Learning and Teaching, Mr Ross Boyle, which left a vacancy in the Senior School Office. We are pleased to announce that Mrs Cathy Scruton will be taking on the role of Head of Year 11 for the remainder of the year. Cathy has previously worked as a Head of Year 11 & 12 at St Ursula’s College in Toowoomba before moving to the Gold Coast to take up the position of Head of Business at Emmanuel College. She joined St Hilda’s in 2008 as a Business and Accounting teacher. I look forward to working with Cathy as she supports the Year 11s pastorally this year.

Over the holidays, many of our Senior School girls have been hard at work, learning lines, songs and choreography for the upcoming School Musical, The Wizard of Oz.  With a large number of girls from the Middle and Senior School involved as cast members, choir or band members, or in the production team, there has been a mountain of effort put in by all involved and we look forward to seeing all the girls performing next week on 11 and 12 May. (Click here to purchase tickets).

It was good to see a large contingent of girls attend the Southport Citizens ANZAC Day March.

Last Friday morning we held the Father Daughter breakfast. It was a very special morning where the girls enjoyed a breakfast with their fathers and grandfathers and we got to hear from the inspirational John Coutis. John challenged everyone to step out of their comfort zone and that when life challenges and you get knocked down, you have to get back up and always remember that life events don’t change your self-worth. Thank you to all the students and fathers who joined us for the Breakfast.

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  • The Mother Daughter Luncheon will be held this year at Palazzo Versace on Saturday 26 May. I look forward to seeing many of the girls and their mothers at this event. Click here to Book Now.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace