Senior School News - 22 November 2018

Senior School News - 22 November 2018

Senior School News – 22 November 2018

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As we farewell our 2018 Seniors, it is natural to reflect on the girls’ journey through school. Success in school – be it academic, cultural, sporting, personal or a combination of these – cannot be achieved alone. Behind the girls are a team: teachers, coaches, mentors, family and friends who support, encourage and provide guidance. The girls’ families inspire, teach, transport, feed and at times, cajole the students. Together, the School and girls’ families work towards ensuring that they achieve their best. To parents of our graduating Year 12s, thank you for the support you have provided your girls and St Hilda’s School.


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Password to access Graduation: awesome 2

The Year 10 and 11 students will be engaging in Special Program activities once they have completed test block. These are fun days designed to build on the Character and Leadership Development and Pastoral Care programs of the Senior School, with the aim of equipping girls with a range of valuable personal, social and leadership skills. Year 11, who will be officially introduced as Seniors at the Presentation Ball this coming Saturday evening, will later this week be completing leadership activities that highlight their unique personal profile and the leadership potential of every individual in the year group.

This week both year groups will be receiving their results from the recent test block. It is critical that the girls take this opportunity to reflect on the feedback given. Jotting down goals that they can put away and return to at the end of next January would be worthwhile. Students’ reports will be posted on Parent Lounge in the first couple of weeks of December. Parents/Guardians and students may wish to discuss subject changes so that girls are choosing subjects in which they experience success in order to meet the standard of work required for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

I would like to remind parents of Year 12s that access to your daughter’s reports on Parent Lounge will not be available after the beginning of December, even if you have another daughter still at the school. Therefore, please ensure that you download a copy of your daughter’s reports prior to this time.  A copy of Year 12 Exit statements will be mailed in December.

Speech Day will be held on Thursday November 29 from 9.30am – 11.30am. This is a very important culmination to the school year where we acknowledge the girls’ academic achievements. At end of the Speech Day Ceremony (approx. 11.30am), Senior School students will be dismissed from Sports Complex and return to their locker areas to collect any belongings before departing for the holidays.

On Friday 29 November, 23 girls from Years 10 to 12, along with Ms Natasha Rosky, Sr Judy Chorley and I, are heading to Tanzania for three weeks to work on a number of projects and to meet Nafikahed and Nuru, our sponsor students, at St Jude’s in Arusha. I would like to thank everyone for their donations and for purchasing our fundraising chocolates. The funds raised enable us to sponsor both girls. Thank you, too, for the generous donations of stationery that we will be giving to the St Jude’s community to assist them with their new secondary girls’ campus. I look forward to reporting back on our experiences next year.

As another year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight in the way that girls have risen to the challenges presented to them as they progress through the Senior School. I look forward to seeing further growth and development.

On behalf of Majda, Alexa, Cathy and I, I wish you and your families a happy, safe and Holy Christmas.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace