Senior School News - 26 July 2018

Senior School News - 26 July 2018

Senior School News – 26 July 2018

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Welcome back! Week 1 was very busy and most probably indicative of the rest of the term. The Year 10s had Career Pathway Plan interviews last week and have now laid the foundations for the senior phase of learning. If your daughter is in Year 10 and has not completed her interview or Subject Preference Form, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure she does not miss out on this critical interview.

This semester promises to be another positive and productive one in the Senior School. I hope that your daughters enjoyed a restful break, and have returned eager to once again do their best. Overall, the reports in the Senior School were very positive, and the girls are clearly displaying good attitudes to learning. I hope by now that all of our students have discussed their reports in detail with their parents and any follow up needed with teachers is taking place. Academic monitoring interviews will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. The Year 12 interviews commenced last week and will include an OP estimation.

I invite parents to contact teachers regarding concerns about particular subjects. The Heads of Year will be speaking with girls whose reports indicate they are struggling with the academic expectations of their subjects. This has resulted in some subject changes as we assist the girls to achieve to their potential and ensure they are on the right pathway.

Once again we have had a big group of exchange students arrive for the start of this term. These are wonderful opportunities for all the girls, not just those who are lucky enough to participate in the exchange program, as they get to hear about different places, cultures and schools from around the world.

Charlotte Frampton (Year 11) after a successful campaign donating old blankets and towels for the Animal Welfare league last term, is once again seeking donations over the next couple of weeks.

This week the Student Council is holding Spirit Week with a number of events and the charity they are supporting this year is Camp Quality! Camp Quality’s purpose is to create a better life for every child impacted by cancer in Australia. All the proceeds from Spirit Week will be donated to Camp Quality.

The Spirit Week activities are outlined below:

  • Monday: We all got into the spirit with a super fun PC Kahoot
  • Tuesday: Teacher Vs. Student Lip Sync Battle in the JR Cafe was a hoot
  • Wednesday: The Student Council Representatives will be selling Nuggets & Chips during Lunchtime
  • Thursday: Inter-House Athletics Carnival
  • Friday: Meme themed Free Dress Day – Dress up as your favourite Meme or alternatively, come dressed in school colours (This activity will require a gold coin donation $$$)

Last Friday it was disappointing to note the number of absences in the Senior School. It is in your daughter’s best interests to be in class so she can maximize her learning and achieve to her academic potential. I have just completed the final OP estimation meetings with the Year 12s for this year and a number of them were not happy with where they were placed, which makes the level of absenteeism for Year 12s all the more concerning. I encourage you to support the school in its endeavours to assist your daughter to reach her academic potential by minimising her time out of class. If your daughter is genuinely ill and unable to function well in class, please ask her to email her Head of Year as there are processes which can be put in place to support her.

There are a large a number of assignments currently being completed in the Senior School. This is also the start of the flu season with a number of girls being unwell at this time. If your daughter is unwell it is advisable that she remain away from school. We are happy to arrange for work to be emailed to her so she can keep up to date. Please email or ring the relevant Head of Year. If your daughter is in the middle of an assignment, please organise a medical certificate and upon her return to school she needs to come to the Senior School office to arrange for an extension if required.

The girls should be well-settled into their homework and study routines. Students in Year 10 should be committing 90 minutes to 2 hours each evening, while in Years 11 and 12 students should spend up to 3 hours each night on homework, assessment tasks and exam preparation. Test Block is rapidly approaching; Year 12 Test Block is in Week 9, Year 11 Test Block is in Weeks 9 and 10. The schedule for the upcoming Test Block will be emailed to the students shortly.

Last Sunday the Gala Concert was held at the Home of the Arts, featuring all music ensembles from Prep to Year 12. The theme this year was ‘Friends’ with every ensemble performing pieces with the theme integrated within the performance. The Staff Ensemble shone again with their hilarious rendition of ‘I’ll be there for you’, the theme from Friends. The afternoon was capped off with “Amigos Para Sempre” as the finale. Thank you to all staff involved for their hard work in making the night run so smoothly. Of course, a special thank you must go to Miss Kelly for organising the successful event. It was a spectacular afternoon filled with melodious music but it was bittersweet for some with the Year 12s performing in their final Gala Concert.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School


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