Senior School News - 28 March 2018

Senior School News - 28 March 2018

Senior School News – 28 March 2018

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This term has certainly flown by and the girls have been very busy. Challenge week last week saw the 11s and 12s completing assessments and the Year 10s spent Monday completing their Morrisby Career assessment and were then with Enlighten Education looking at body image and relationships. They then headed off to the Retreat on Tuesday and return on Friday very excited. While the girls were happy to be home, they were on a high from their experiences. I enjoyed spending Wednesday with them, and felt privileged to be a part of their activities. Miss Wood was also very happy with the girls, their positive attitudes and the abundant energy they brought with them. She was inspired by the acceptance they showed each other and hopes they carry this through the rest of their time here at St Hilda’s. The feedback from the girls and staff has been excellent. I would like to thank all the staff who attended the Retreat and a big thank you to Alexa Wood for all the work she did in organising the Retreat and for looking after everyone last week.

“Retreat was a unique and rewarding week that challenged us to push the limits and build strong connections with our peers. The ‘Character Builders’, program provided us with an opportunity that allowed us to engage more deeply with the strong and beautiful individuals of our year level. We found a new sense of community, confidence and respect as a group after days of working together to break down existing social hierarchies and create a cohesive year level. We will most definitely cherish Lu and Daymo’s advice and wisdom in the big years that lay ahead us. Special thanks must go to Miss Wood who worked tirelessly to make the trip possible!Sophie Young

“20th of March 2018, the day Year 10s demolished the judgement and preconceived ideas about each other. The two-hour bus ride led us to the Maroochydore River Hotel, where the Year 10 cohort began a new chapter not only within themselves but also throughout year level. This four-day camp was filled with challenges, emotional obstacles and a whole lot of fun, these activities were all achieved as a group of strong independent young women. Not only this but every individual came to the realisation that they are only a small part of the bigger picture. The staff, kitchen staff and character developers spent countless hours planning and preparing this getaway and everyone was so appreciative and thankful for their efforts but specifically for playing a key role in changing our perceptions of each other. Without this assistance, our year level’s attitude would have remained the same and would not branch out to other people in the Year 10 cohort. Overall, Year 10 camp is one to remember!” Anna Eddy

Non Nobis Solum – Not For Ourselves Alone. Never before has this motto seemed more relevant than at our recent Year 10 Retreat. A significant component of the retreat was an exercise in which we shared “our story”, and life events which had shaped us into the people we are today. Unsurprisingly, not everyone has led a carefree life. Many of my peers showed immense maturity and vulnerability by sharing emotional glimpses into sometimes troubled pasts, challenges they are currently facing, and battles they have fought, and not always won. This exercise had a profound effect on most, if not all of us. As a result, I sensed a shift in the group as biases faded, bonds formed, and empathetic hugs were shared. Life as a St Hilda’s student is fast paced and we are often time-poor. Regrettably, we rarely have time to form new relationships as we struggle to even nurture our current friendships. However, this retreat gave us the wonderful possibility of venturing beyond our circle of friends, to break down barriers, and to develop a cohesive cohort of supportive friends who can now face senior school together.  I feel grateful for the opportunity to connect with these inspiring and brave girls in a relaxed environment. It was a poignant reminder to try to always be kind and non-judgemental, because for all you know, everyone you meet is fighting a battle that we know nothing about. Stella Cole

This week, all the year levels have received some feedback from their completed assessments and it is a timely reminder for the girls to reflect on their achievements and the goals they set earlier in the year. Conversations at home and at school will help see the bigger picture and look at ways the girls can grow moving forward.

The holidays may be a useful time for the girls to reflect over the term and to spend some time reviewing how the past term has gone for them and what they might do differently to better achieve their goals. They may also want to reflect and review their digital reputation. Holidays are perfect opportunities to spend time tidying up social networking pages. What students may not realise is the very public nature of much of this material. While there are privacy settings that can be used, this may not be sufficient to limit the access of experts who know how to skirt around these barriers. Nowadays it is very common for potential employers, amongst others, to spend time finding information about applicants online. Girls should consider very carefully what material they place on websites, the language they use in conversing online and the photographs that are placed on the sites of their friends. In doing so, they are managing the messages being sent out to the world about themselves and their values. Handy questions for the students to ask themselves are: How would I feel about mum reading this? Would I add this to my resume? Could information on this page impact on my future relationships?

Another job for the holidays would be to spend some time preparing their uniforms, in particular lowering hems to mid-knee as required, and replacing any missing buttons on the belts of their dresses and white shirts. Winter felt hats will need to be dusted off, while panamas should be cleaned and stored in a way that will maintain their shape. Temperatures are still warm but the cooler weather will be with us soon enough. Blazers and jumpers should be checked to ensure they are still in good condition. As always, we appreciate your support in helping the girls to maintain uniform standards.

All in the Senior School Centre wish our students a safe, happy holiday, and look forward to seeing many parents and daughters at the Parent-Teacher Evenings on April 23 and 24. I encourage you to bring your daughter with you to the interviews as it is crucial to your daughter’s educational journey and the continued partnership between school, parent and student.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace