Senior School News - August 2019

Senior School News - August 2019

Senior School News – August 2019

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This month our Year 12 girls have come together and supported one another as they campaigned to raise money for Variety – The Children’s Charity with both an 80s themed disco and a ‘Hair Chop’ event.

A lot of fun was had at the disco and wonderful costumes were worn by, even a few of the staff! Head Day Girl, Kara Kroon and Sports Captain, Grace Flynn did an amazing job ‘project managing’ the events and the results exceeded their set targets. A big thank you to all 38 girls who participated in the Hair Chop. Together, they raised $21 800, including just over $1000 from the disco – a very significant donation. Eight girls chopped over 35cm off their hair and these ponytails, (55 in total) went directly to Variety to be used to make wigs for young girls with alopecia. The rest of the hair (220 ponytails) went to Sustainable Salons to make shorter wigs/hair pieces for those who have lost their hair. It will make 11 wigs.


At our last Senior School Assembly, the girls watched a clip from Debra Searle who rowed across the Atlantic on her own after her partner had to be evacuated from the boat. She talked about how life can throw you challenges and that bad things can happen which are entirely out of your control. But there is one thing you can control, and that is your attitude.

“There was a defining moment involving me, a tiny rowing boat, a huge ocean and a near-miss with a container ship. Three little words changed my life. Choose. Your. Attitude.”

We are now in a very busy period for the girls and there is a chance that they may, at times, feel overwhelmed. Both planning and having the right attitude can assist at these times. If your daughter is unwell and she is working on an assignment or is due to sit a test, please ask her to speak with Mr Crowe upon her return to school in order to request an extension. The examination schedule was emailed to the girls last week and they should be working on their study and homework in the lead up to exams.

There has been an improvement in girls wearing their hats to and from school which is pleasing to see. There are still a number of girls whose tunics are too short and who are wearing extra jewellery. Your support in upholding our uniform standards is appreciated.

It has been pleasing to see a large number of girls, individually and in Choirs and Bands, achieve at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod and also on the sporting field. We have also had a number of girls compete in Language competitions over the weekend, to great results. This Friday, our Inter-House Drama Festival will take place and girls have been very busy preparing for this event. Mr Winter informs me that all the productions are of a high standard and it is shaping up to be a great evening in the Langford Theatre.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School


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