Senior School News - February 2020

Senior School News - February 2020

Senior School News – February 2020

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Welcome to our Year 10s, new girls and families who have joined us in the Senior School and welcome back to those returning in Years 11 and 12. Time moves quickly in the Senior School, especially for our Year 12s as they near the end of their Senior School Journey. Whilst it will be a busy and challenging year, we also hope for it to be fulfilling for all our students and staff.

Thank you to those who attended our Parent Information Evening last Wednesday. The new format provided a wonderful opportunity to mingle and meet staff and other parents. Information from the evening will be sent out to parents shortly. It was wonderful to hear from a range of staff, including our Chair of Council Professor Susan Brandis. I hope it gave those who attended an overview of our roles and how we can best support your daughter/s throughout their Senior School years. It is an especially important year ahead for our Seniors who are the first group under the new ATAR system. As a School we feel we are well placed to give them every opportunity to succeed.

In the Senior School this year, our three platforms are: Capable, Connected and Contributing. It has been great to see girls embrace School life and maintain focus in the classroom. They are also getting excited as the Inter-House singing and dance competition rehearsals get underway. Additional excitement has come from the auditions for the Middle/Senior School Musical, Matilda, with announcements to come later this week regarding the cast.  Sports practices are now underway and sign-up for debating happens this week. Throughout these activities, we are reminding the girls to be present, kind and grateful.

Procedures for student absences in the Senior School have changed this year. Absentees are now managed by the Senior School Office. If you need to collect your daughter during the school day, she must be signed out at Senior School Office, Level 1 Jennifer Reeves Building, by a parent or guardian. The best entrance for the Senior School Office is via Gate 7 on Cougal Street and best parking is near the flagpole.

In line with our Sun Safety policy, we are asking girls to wear their hats to and from School and at recess and lunch times. A reminder that the Blue winter hat is being phased out from this year onwards.

In line with current studies on screen time, the Cyber Safety and Digital Wellbeing Student Acceptable use of Technology Agreement has been updated. The agreement asks your daughter to agree to be a safe, responsible and ethical user of technology at all times. To maximise learning time, minimise distractions in class, and promote face-to-face connections during breaks, the agreement now requires students to switch off their phone and store it in their locked locker from the start of the school day at 8.20am, until the final bell at 3.25pm. Students can answer calls or messages, when necessary, at their locker at the commencement of morning tea or lunch.

There are a number of staff who provide support to your daughter as she moves through the Senior School. Your daughter’s Head of Year is your first point of contact: Miss Alexa Wood for Year 10, Mrs Emma Pinkerton for Year 11 and Mrs Cathy Scruton for Year 12. Miss Lauren Hall manages the Senior School front desk and will often be the first point of contact when the girls visit. We look forward to supporting your daughters in 2020 and I hope to meet you during the year.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace