Senior School News - July 2019

Senior School News - July 2019

Senior School News – July 2019

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Welcome back to Term 3! The year is certainly flying by. Last week our Senior Prefects and Prefects were inducted as student leaders for 2020 and this term sees our 2019 Prefects mentoring their successors in their roles. 2020 School Captain, Edwina Thomson, drew on the poem ‘We Me’ in her reflection at the Induction Service. Muhammed Ali is credited with authorship of this very short poem. Edwina spoke of the inclusivity of the statement:

Me, we! The shortest poem of all time with such a powerful message. It’s not just about me, it’s about we.

Leadership is a privilege and is about being of service to others, it’s an act of humility. Being humble is really about using your influence for the good of others before yourself. St Hilda used her influence and attitude of ‘not for ourselves alone’ to better the lives of people and was dedicated to bringing out the potential in others.” Edwina Thomson

This is a busy term for both the Year 11s and 12s. The Year 12s have the QCS test later this term and are currently finalising their preparations. They are also working on a number of assignments. The Year 11s are busy preparing for test block next week. Preparation and planning are key to navigating the workload and pressure of exams and assignments. It is important for girls to set clear limits on what they have committed to and ensure that they get adequate sleep and eat well. The Year 10s had their Career Pathway Plan interviews last week and have now laid the foundations for the senior phase of learning.

Last Saturday was the annual Gala Concert featuring all music ensembles from Prep to Year 12. It was a wonderful way to start the term. Thank you to all staff and our Maintenance team for their hard work in making the event run smoothly. And, of course, a special thank you must go to Miss Kelly for organising another successful event. It was a spectacular evening filled with melodious music, although a little bittersweet for our Year 12s who performed in their final Gala Concert.

Once again we have had a group of Exchange Students arrive to spend time with us this term. The Exchange Program offers wonderful opportunities for all girls, not just those who are lucky enough to participate in the program, as they get to hear about different places, cultures and schools from around the world.

There are a large a number of assignments currently being completed in the Senior School. It is also the start of the flu season and a number of girls are unwell at this time. If your daughter is unwell, it is advisable that she remain away from school. We are happy to arrange for work to be emailed to her so she can keep up-to-date. Please email or ring the relevant Head of Year to discuss further. If your daughter is unwell and in the middle of an assignment, please provide a Medical Certificate upon her return to school and advise her to see Mr Boyle or Mr Crowe to discuss whether an extension is required.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

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