Senior School News - November 2019

Senior School News - November 2019

Senior School News – November 2019

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Last week we farewelled the Seniors of 2019. It was wonderful to see them embrace the various events in a reflective spirit of connection and excitement, and it was a lovely way to bring closure to their journey at School. The final week program saw the Seniors participate in a variety of activities and celebrations, from the Bracelet Ceremony, for those girls who have been at St Hilda’s since Pre-Prep, Prep and Year 1, to a large group of girls gaining their Responsible Service of Alcohol qualification in preparation for the workforce. The girls attended presentations and workshops, including past students sharing their journey since leaving St Hilda’s and tips for the transition from School to life, as well as helpful information about safety on the road and at Schoolies, employability strategies and preparation for job interviews and financial considerations and budgeting. The girls were engaged and grateful for the opportunities and my thanks go to Mrs Emma Pinkerton for her organisation of the activities.

Success in school, be it academic, cultural, sporting or personal – or a combination of these – cannot be achieved alone. Behind the girls are a team of teachers, coaches, mentors and friends who support, encourage and provide guidance. The other important team is the family – people who inspire, teach, transport, feed and at times, cajole the students. Together, the school and the family work towards ensuring that the girls achieve their best. To the parents of our graduating Year 12s, thank you for the support you have provided your girls and St Hilda’s.

I would like to remind parents of Year 12s that access to your daughter’s reports on Parent Lounge will not be available after the beginning of December, even if you have another daughter still at the school. Therefore, please ensure that you download a copy of your daughter’s reports prior to this time.  A copy of Year 12 Exit statements will be mailed in December.

The Year 10s have completed their final exam block for the year. They are working with Enlighten Education on Friday followed by a number of presentations from the students who went on exchange and a session on job interviews, where they will be involved in ‘mock’ interview sessions. They will also be spending some time putting together gift bags which will include personal Christmas messages to be distributed by Rosies Friends on the Street to the homeless in the lead up to Christmas. On Tuesday there are a number of House activities in preparation for the 2020 Inter-House Swimming and So You Think You Can Sing and Dance competitions.

The Year 11 students have finished their first assessment for many of their subjects, either in the form of an assignment or test for Unit 3. I would like to extend my congratulations to them for the manner in which they have tackled this year. They have worked very hard and have been positive despite the changes they have experienced. I have met with all of the girls over the last few weeks and I have been impressed with the way in which they are tackling Unit 3, their knowledge and understanding of their learning styles, and what they can do to improve next year. The majority of the girls have started to implement strategies aimed at improving their performance. We talked about having study timetables and preparing for assignments and exams much earlier in the process. A big thank you to the staff who have supported them. On Monday they are working with Peer Power, gaining valuable skills in team dynamics and maintaining relationships outside of the virtual world. They will then utilise their newly developed skills, putting them into action on Tuesday, as they lead the younger girls in a number of House activities in preparation for 2020.

I am excited to announce that we will be running two School Tours in 2020: the first one to Europe in the June July holidays (full) and the second one to Tanzania in December (still a few places available). If your daughter is interested, please contact the Senior School Centre for more information.

Speech Day will be held on Thursday 28 November from 9.30am – 11.30am. This is a very important culmination to the school year where we acknowledge the girls’ academic achievements. At the end of the Speech Day Ceremony (approx. 11.30am), Senior School students will be dismissed from the Sports Complex to return to their locker areas to collect any belongings before departing for the holidays.

As another year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight in the way the girls have risen to the challenges presented as they progress through the Senior School. I look forward to seeing further growth and development.

On behalf of Emma, Cathy, Alexa and myself, I wish you and your families a happy, safe and Holy Christmas.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School


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