Senior School News - October 2019

Senior School News - October 2019

Senior School News – October 2019

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This term is certainly a busy one. Next week the House Chapels and Dinners for 2019 will take place, and achievements for each House over the year will be celebrated and acknowledged. Plus, there is the opportunity to farewell the Seniors of 2019. The following week will feature the Co-Curricular Awards Evening, where we will celebrate the successes of our musicians and sportswomen.

Parent Teacher Interviews were held at the start of this term and it was pleasing to see so many girls attend with their parents. I do hope that all girls have had time to reflect on the feedback provided following their assessments last term, have set academic goals for the term ahead, and have started a revision program.

We also held parent meetings for the proposed Tanzania trip (Dec 2020) and European trip (June/July 2020). It was great to see a number of families attend. We have extended the date to return your expression of interest to the Senior School Office to this Friday, 18 October. Currently, we are a few students short of making the trips viable.

Congratulations to our Open Touch team who made the final round of the All Schools touch competition on the weekend.

At the end of last Term, QGSSSA Athletics took place and it was pleasing to see girls make an effort to come and cheer on our athletes who had worked hard all season. Our athletes did an amazing job and it was fantastic to see an improvement in the number of girls who placed in events. On Friday night following end of term, we celebrated the Seniors of 2020 at the Year 11 Presentation Ball. It was a wonderful night full of dancing and laughter shared between girls and their parents.

Academically, this term is a busy one and exam block will be upon us shortly. Preparation for exam block should begin now, especially for the Year 10s who will be sitting exams that cover the full year’s work in a number of subjects. The Year 12s have a couple of extra weeks before they sit their final exams, and the Year 11s have commenced their Unit 3 studies.

Uniform is once again a focus this term. The appearance of students reflects on each student and on our School as a whole.  An area of particular concern for Senior students is the tunic length (which should be knee length) and jewelry. Only one small pair of sleepers or small stud earrings (silver/gold/pearl or with a small gemstone) worn in the lobes, are allowed. Clear plastic earrings and other items of jewelry are not permitted. Necklaces worn for sentimental or religious reasons should not be seen. Nails should be of an appropriate length and coloured nail polish is not permitted. Eyelashes should be of a natural length. A number of School shoes are looking a little neglected; these should be polished. Your daughter should have a hat (this term is the Summer Panama), and it should be worn to and from school.

Thank you for your ongoing support of school expectations.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

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