Senior School News - September 2019

Senior School News - September 2019

Senior School News – September 2019

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This term has been a very busy one for the girls. There has been a number of assessments as well as memorable activities. We saw a large number of girls cut their hair for charity and raise a significant amount of money. We enjoyed the inaugural Senior Disco. We celebrated Child Protection week, R U OK? Day, and listened to some amazing girls in the Ethics Soapbox competition. We have had success on the sporting field, at the Head of the River regatta and in Debating. Many girls achieved well at several Eisteddfods.

This year’s QGSSSA Athletics Carnival takes place on Thursday 19 September. It is disappointing to see the number of girls who will not be there to support their fellow students who have trained hard over a number of weeks. I wish all the competitors well.

The Year 11s finish their assessments today, signalling the end of Unit 2 (Year 11). I look forward to seeing them relaxing, supporting and leading the School on Thursday at QGSSSA Athletics. They will then gather as a cohort on Friday night at the Year 11 Presentation Ball where they will be welcomed as Seniors for 2020. They have also been working hard on finalising the design for their Senior Jerseys.

Last week, our Year 12s finished the second last stage of their academic journey by completing their assessment for Verification. This week they will be receiving feedback on their recent tests and will hopefully put this feedback into action in their last term as they rapidly move towards their finish line.

Senior Schooling is a journey in which both a steady pace and a great deal of determination are required to overcome the challenges that present themselves. One of the big challenges that a number of girls face is absence from School. While it doesn’t seem like it at the time, a day here or there adds up over time and can impact learning. Time away from school can lead to an increase in anxiety levels. Classwork is still being taught right up until the end of each term, despite what your daughter tells you.

The impact of social media is a hot topic right now in a number of different forums. It is a big part of the girls’ lives and there are some of positives; social media can bring people closer together and share important information. However, the endless stream of updates, invites and opportunities to gain the approval and feedback of friends and family can create a pressure of its own. This can become a big problem for girls. It can impact their ability to focus in lessons and, in some instances, plays a role in heightening tensions between students. In your conversations with your daughter over the holidays, we ask that you please talk to your daughter about scheduling some time away from her devices to enable her to focus on what is important for her to achieve her personal goals.

The holidays are also a good time to check uniforms. Student appearance reflects upon individual students and on our School as a whole.  An area of particular concern for Senior students is the tunic length, which should be knee length, and jewelry. Only one small pair of sleepers or small stud earrings (silver/gold/pearl or with a small gemstone) worn in the lobes, are allowed. Clear plastic earrings and other items of jewelry are not permitted. Necklaces worn for sentimental or religious reasons should not be seen. Nails should be of an appropriate length and coloured nail polish is not permitted. A number of pairs of school shoes are looking a little neglected; these should be polished. Your daughter should have a hat, and it should be worn both to and from school. Thank you for your ongoing support of school expectations in this area.

It has been a very busy term for all in the Senior School, and I would like to wish all students and staff a safe, restful and happy holiday. We look forward to seeing the girls return relaxed and ready for the start of Term 4 on Wednesday, 9 October. Parent teacher interviews are occurring on Tuesday, 8 October from 1pm-6pm. Bookings are now open on Parent Lounge for parents to arrange a timeslot to see their daughter’s teacher. It is an expectation that your daughter will attend the interviews with you.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace