Student Voice

Student Voice

Student Voice

Student leadership is highly valued at St Hilda’s School preparing students to be well-organised, responsible and creative adults who are valued members of their professional, recreational and other communities. The Senior Prefects are given the responsibility of managing, with the assistance of a staff mentor, a portfolio. The portfolio’s include; Non Nobis Solum, Chapel, Boarding, Sport, Academic and Creative Ideas, Cultural Arts, Student Committees, Student Voice, Sustainability and Visual Cultures.

Servant Leadership

In the Senior School, as in the wider St Hilda’s community, students are provided with many and varied opportunities to practice Servant Leadership.

The philosophy of Servant Leadership was formed by Robert Greenleaf in the early 1970s. It is the leadership style thought to be practised by Christ. Servant Leadership moves away from traditional, hierarchical systems of leadership. The main concern of Servant Leaders is to serve others. Accepting a formal leadership position at St Hilda’s School is accepting the need to serve the school community by contributing ideas, actions, modeling of expectations and guidance. Every girl, whether a formal leader or not, should be striving to be a servant leader. All Senior School students have opportunities to develop their leadership skills though the Character and Leadership Development program.

Meet Our Student Leaders

Students leadership is highly valued at St Hilda’s School in preparing students to be well-organised, responsible and creative adults who are valued members of their professional, recreational and other communities. St Hilda’s also has many formal student leaders, demanding strong organisational skills.

School Captain Alana Chesser delivers her Policy Speech at the Student Leadership Induction at the beginning of the 2018 School Year.

Senior Prefects 2018

School Captain  Alana Chesser
Head Daygirl  Afrida Imrose
Head Boarder  Chiara Hilson
School Sports Captain  Charlee Mitchell
Banksia House Captain  Anna Finlayson
Banksia House Sports Captain  Sophie Rice
Karragaroo House Captain  Adele Scaysbrook
Karragaroo House Sports Captain  Nikki Campbell
Melaleuca House Captain  Tara Purll
Melaleuca House Sports Captain  Eve Prosser


Portfolio of Academic and Creative Ideas  Milla Harrison
   Natarsha Mills
   Jessica Soutar
Portfolio of Boarding  Emma Korff
Portfolio of Chapel  Rachel Gadd
   Annalise Whittingham
Portfolio of Cultural Arts  Chrystal Lui
   Gabrielle Smoling
Portfolio of Global Citizenship  Tara-Rois McNamara
   Imaan Shah
Portfolio of Non Nobis Solum  Amelia Connolly
   Emily Cook
   Macy Shields
Portfolio of Sport  Keely Whittaker
Portfolio of Student Committees  Isobel Crowther
   Ruby Hutchison
   Sharna Ingram
Portfolio of Student Voice  Lillian Murphy
   Hanna Shrubshall
Portfolio of Sustainability  Tarra Dwinell
   Ruby McDonald
   Hayley Stanich
Portfolio of Visual Cultures  Cheryl Chong

Co-Curricular Leaders

Artistic Gymnastics Co-Captains  Chiara Linnane
   Nikki McMenamin
Athletics Co-Captains  Jordan Bennett
   Keely Whittaker
Badminton Co-Captains  Cheryl Chong
   Chrystal Lui
Basketball Co-Captains  Emma-May Ellis
   Maia Everist-Migliore
Cross Country Co-Captains  Jordan Bennett
   Keely Whittaker
Equestrian Captain  Nicola Stone
Football Co-Captains  Georgia Baker
   Toni Lerch
Hockey Co-Captains  Rachel Gadd
   Niamh Hayden
Netball Co-Captains  Hanna Shrubshall
   Kylie Vial
Rhythmic Gymnastics Co-Captain  Lily Baker
   Kara Kroon
Robotics Co-Captain  Yujin Kang
   So Hee Lee
Rowing Co-Captain  Amelia Connolly
   Grace MacLeod
Softball Co-Captain  Ruby Hutchison
   Kylie Vial
Swimming Co-Captains  Milla Harrison
   Grace MacLeod
Tennis Co-Captains  Danielle Scott
   Joyce Tse
Touch Co-Captains  Savannah Merrick
   Macy Shields
Volleyball Co-Captains  Emma-May Ellis
   Luna Priestley
Debating Co-Captains  Larissa Perrin
   Jessica Soutar
Drama Co-Captains  Ruby Hutchison
   Lillian Murphy
Music Co-Captains  Chrystal Lui
 Lillian Murphy
 Gabrielle Smoling
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