Welcome to Senior School

Welcome to Senior School

Welcome to Senior School – Years 10 to 12

Our Senior School is an exciting place. The girls have graduated from the Middle School and now they begin the exciting journey as young adults, taking even greater control of their subject selections and academic directions. Naturally, there will be plenty of academic challenges and we are confident and expect that the girls are enthusiastic to accept the challenges that are ahead. Indeed, it would be reasonable to say that our girls are excited by the opportunities presented by the Senior School. The start of the Senior School experience is to know that our girls can achieve great things. They do achieve remarkable things. They love the experience of achieving so much.

Staff relationships in the Middle School are close. In the early teen years, the girls are guided by teachers to seek and explore their talents. They are given progressively more challenging opportunities to explore their leadership abilities. In the Senior School, the teacher/student relationship progresses another step. Is it friendship? Is it mentoring? Is it great teaching? The girls use all of these descriptions. The staff and girls enjoy working closely together. These years are simple for some and more complicated for others. Yet, all need and enjoy the close connections that fit their personal challenges. The girls need to explore their talents and to keep trying new opportunities. As young adults, they need to take responsibility for more decisions. When the girls graduate, the most common words said are about the special connections they have made with each other and staff who have been part of their time at the school. They are also proud of themselves. The girls mention the friends they cherish and they tell us that they “love the school”.

In class, we want all to feel they can ask questions, debate freely and challenge perspectives. We want deep understanding of the content and allow comfortable expression of those wanting to articulate their response to the new idea being presented.

Our mission is inspired by the Homily of St Hilda:

Trade with the gifts God has given you.
Bend your minds to holy learning that you
may escape the fretting moth of littleness
of mind that would wear out your souls.
Brace your wills to action that they may
not be the spoils of weak desire.
Train your hearts and lips to song
which gives courage to the soul.
Being buffeted by trials, learn to laugh.
Being reproved, give thanks.
Having failed, determine to succeed.

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace