Year 10

Year 10

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Year 10

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” (Aristotle)

As the first year in the three-year Senior Schooling journey, the focus of Year 10 is each girl exploring who she is as an individual, so that over the next two years she can lead others; in Year 11 by leading the cohort and in Year 12 being the leaders of the school. As young women, we want each girl to develop her confidence, find her voice, discover what it is that she is passionate about and begin to explore the world around her.

Academic Program

In Year 10, students continue a course of study commenced in Year 9. The range of subjects provides foundations for life-long learning and is designed to meet the diverse interests of our students. They encourage inquiry and creativity, the joy of discovery, a love of learning and the continual construction of knowledge based on academic learning and real-life experiences.
Students are required to study a core curriculum – English, Mathematics, Science, History, Health and Physical Education, Religious Education – as well as three elective subjects. The elective subjects provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and abilities and may indeed help determine future learning pathways. LEAP English, LEAP Science and Advanced Mathematics and alternatives are offered to students who have proven academic achievement in these areas and are keen to meet the challenge of an accelerated course. The Year 10 curriculum also includes Careers Education, which develops students’ awareness of how to achieve their goals.

Year 10 Retreat 2016

“The Year 10 retreat was definitely one of the best 4 days I’ve had at St Hilda’s so far. I’m sure that all the girls in my grade would agree to the fact that we have bonded more than ever before. Being honest, I initially didn’t expect the retreat to be enjoyable or fun. However, it only took the first few hours on camp to make me realise that my expectations were completely wrong. The instructors from Character Builders were amazing and seemed like they were more of our friends then our instructors. They were so full of energy and created such a bright and comfortable atmosphere in every activity we did in groups and as a cohort. The water activities we did including the day at the beach were incredible fun, not forgetting to mention the excellent food we were given for every meal.”

“The retreat was both enjoyable and, at the same very emotional. One thing I absolutely loved about this camp was getting to know so many girls in the grade that I have never spoken to. I watched how we became much more open towards one another and, when we had the chance to share our personal stories with other girls, I realised how understanding and respectful everyone was. Something that I strongly appreciated was when the instructors pointed out that daily distractions cause us to be oblivious to our own personal lives. The trust that quickly grew within the grade made all of us accept one another for our differences, and I can feel that we are now much closer now than we’ve ever been. From my perspective, this is undoubtedly the highlight of the Retreat. We learnt so many lessons over the 4 days that I can’t explain everything here. This Retreat will always be unforgettable and meaningful to me, and I believe also to all the girls who attended.” Cheryl Chong

“Year 10 retreat has been one of the most memorable experiences of my time at St Hilda’s. As well as enjoying all of the activities, such as stand up paddle boarding, dragon boat racing and canoeing, we got to learn more than we ever thought about one another, learning each person’s stories, helping us to connect and grow together as a year group. Lots of friendship and bonding activities enabled us to greatly strengthen our trust and teamwork skills. I believe that after the Year 10 Retreat everyone has a changed and improved view on the connection and interaction between our peers. I hope this togetherness and sisterhood support will continue through to the end of our incredible journey as St Hilda’s sisters.” Margot Castor

“Over the 4 days that we spent on Retreat at the Maroochydore Waterfront Camp & Conference, I honestly believe that our entire grade has become so much closer and more connected with one another. The assistants at Character Builders’ and Enlighten Education staff allowed growth in the relationships of all the girls in Year 10 through many fun and memorable activities. My favourite activity would have to be the excursion to the Maroochydore Beach, where we spent the morning enjoying beach games and swims. The Year 10 Retreat will definitely be one of the most unforgettable school experiences I will ever have and a highlight of my time at St Hilda’s.” Alana Chesser

“With the expectations of a leadership and character building camp, with water-based activities incorporating teamwork building, I did not realise I was in for so much more. With teamwork building, the beach and a tear towel being thrown around the circle, I did not expect such an emotional journey through ourselves and each other.  The Retreat not only gave us helpful and valuable lessons in teamwork, but also enabled us to learn and understand the stories of those around us and what makes them who they are. Opening up about each other’s stories became a major turning point during the Retreat and as tears were shed we were brought closer together. Comparing the first day to the last, one could easily recognise the immense sisterhood developing between the cohort and how much the trip had changed our views and brought us together.” Natasha Buckler

Character and Leadership Development

The Year 10 CLD program is centered in philosophical and critical thinking. This was introduced in Semester 2, 2010 and was a product of the Modern Woman Committee. The program is taught by the Year 10 CLD teachers (who are generally Humanities teachers) and is timetabled for one period per cycle.

The program aims to equip the girls with philosophical thinking skills and the ability to participate in respectful and intellectual discussion by developing listening skills and the ability to voice and justify their personal perspective. They use print and media-based texts as beginning points which cover a range of ethical questions and topics. The content is selected to be relevant, engaging and provocative, and is used not as the teaching point on content but as the vessel through which the girls are taught how to form and voice their own opinion.

International Opportunities (optional participation)

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BESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyYear 10 students are offered the opportunity to apply for the Exchange Program, an opportunity to immerse themselves in the school, family and community life at school overseas. Find out more about the exchange program.


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