Year 11

Year 11

Year 11 – Increasing Responsibilities

Year 11 brings with it increasing responsibilities for their academic program and for School Leadership.  They take on key roles in their House, giving them the chance to evolve their leadership skills.  They take the lead in House Musicals, House Plays and take part in committees that understudy the Prefect Portfolios.  With increasing confidence in the roles, their aspirations also grow.

Subject Selection

Girls are required to study one from each of a range of English and Mathematics subjects. A wide selection of rigorous academic subjects (based on QSA syllabuses), vocationally-focused subjects and traineeships allow students to choose courses that will lead them along their own pathway to the future, be it university or otherwise. Girls choose four electives.

The Subject Selection guide details information on Course Selection, Year 12 Certification, the range of subjects available, and pathways to tertiary studies. For further information, download the current Subject Selection guide.

Character and Leadership Development

The Year 11 CLD program is centered around the school motto ‘Non Nobis Solum’ and the philosophy of Servant Leadership.

The phrase Servant Leadership was coined by Robert R. Greenleaf . To be a servant leader, one needs to: listen, show empathy, be aware, be persuasive, to conceptualize a positive future, show foresight, have a sense of stewardship, and be willing to contribute to the growth of their (school) community.

A highlight of the program is the opportunity to be mentors in our Junior and Middle School classrooms. It enables the Year 11’s to form bonds with girls in younger year levels as well as enable them to develop skills in communication and leadership, the younger girls look forward to having the ‘big girls visit’.

Other facets of the CLD program allow students to learn about global issues facing women today as well as how to look after themselves and others in the modern world.

Other Leadership Opportunities

There are a number of committees the students can be part of. In particular girls can further develop the ability to become leaders and work in teams by becoming involved in any of the following:

  • Chapel committee
  • Student Council
  • Student Ambassador
  • Non Nobis Solum shadow committee
  • Jersey Committee
  • Formal Shadow Committee
  • Boarding Shadow Committee
  • Sport Shadow Committee


The Mother Daughter Luncheon and Father Daughter Breakfast are a great way for parents and grandparents to spend quality time with their daughters at community events.

At the Presentation Ball each year girls are recognised for their achievement in attaining their final year within the School. The girls receive their Seniors’ badge and are welcomed as Seniors for the following School year. This night is attended by students of Year 11, their parents and important persons in the lives of the girls.



Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace