Year 12

Year 12

Year 12 – Confident Young Women

The girls in Year 12 are our senior year. They are the leaders of the school. One of our clear ambitions is to develop confident young women who are keen and enthusiastic to be involved in living a vibrant life. We are enthusiastic about seeing the senior girls develop ideas and lead initiatives where they can practice their leadership. The leadership we aspire to is one where the girls are confident about expressing their viewpoint. Modern women have confidence, good values and a style that is an asset to their ability to achieve significant goals.

The girls have many opportunities to practice and develop each of these attributes. We are proud of the ability of the senior girls to lead the school. They show maturity and judgement. Many of the senior girls have participated in a cultural tour with the school or been part of the school exchange program in Year 10. This has provided deep maturity to the group and they consistently show an ability to lead that displays judgment, alongside of the ability to connect sincerely with the community.

The girls lead assemblies, chapels and activity groups like Amnesty International. Their leadership of these activities is never token. They present on serious topics and are expected to have developed thoughtful responses and provide leaders to ideas and activity. What they have to say and the way they select to say it is important. The senior girls represent the school at functions in the community. The girls regularly accompany senior staff to community functions to network and ensure that they are informed about current issues. The girls are often given responsibility for expressing and giving voice to the official opinion of the school.

Strong relationships

The senior girls have close relationships with their teachers. The staff and girls mix comfortably on campus. The girls know that they are able to express concerns with the way they are learning and they are comfortable in bringing creative ideas for future school programs to the senior staff for discussion.

Our senior school is based in the new Jennifer Reeves building. This is a modern centre with the feel of a corporate headquarters. The building encourages small group discussions that mimic office meetings. It allows for easy staff connections with the girls and for the a professional relationship to be built across year groups within the senior school.

Student voice matters

The senior girls have many leadership opportunities. Sport, music, academic and social responsibilities are managed by the girls. The girls have responsibility for their Formal, House activities that include plays, musicals, sport and debating, and recently, the school introduced initiatives that encourage discussion about environmental sustainability. Student voice is a high priority within the senior school and the girls provide leadership to the open atmosphere that is a hallmark of the school.

Subject selection

Students are given increasing responsibility for their courses of study in Year 12. Girls are required to study one from each of a range of English and Mathematics subjects. A wide selection of rigorous academic subjects (based on QCAA syllabuses), vocationally-focused subjects and traineeships allow students to choose courses that will lead them along their own pathway to the future, be it university or otherwise. Girls choose four electives.

The Subject Selection guide details information on Course Selection, Year 12 Certification, the range of subjects available, and pathways to tertiary studies. For further information, download the current Subject Selection guide.

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools hold many events throughout the year. Details of upcoming events and seminars here.

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