Sporting Life - 30 May 2018

Sporting Life - 30 May 2018

Sporting Life – 30 May 2018

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Week 6 Shout Outs!

  • Congratulations to Holly White who recently flew to New Zealand to represent Australia at the 2018 Oceanic Karate Championships.
  • Congratulations to Paige Sinnamon and Samantha Douglas who have been competing in a range of Equestrian events. Samantha was awarded Champion District Rider and Paige and Jimmy came away from the recent Roma show with Reserve Champion hack and the big event Champion of Champions, which she qualified for from the Goondiwindi Show. Paige then competed at the Mitchell Show where she was supreme rider of the show!
  • Laney Smith and Rachel Gadd were part of the 2018 QLD South Coast Schoolgirl’s hockey team who have returned as champions from competition in Townsville. For the first time in 33 years, South Coast won the gold medal along with the shield, beating Met East 1-0 in the last quarter (having lost the first game to Met East 6-1). Both Laney and Rachel were then chosen to represent QLD School girls Under 19s to compete in New Zealand in September. Congratulations girls!
  • Congratulations to Jessica Cleverly who competed at the Australian Gymnastics Titles last week in the Queensland Level 8 Team. She competed very well over this competition gaining the following results: Team Gold Individual – Bronze in Beam, 8th Vault, 12th Bars and 13th Floor and 5th overall. Amazing achievement Jess!

  • A big shout out to the following girls who have qualified for Cross Country Regionals next Tuesday 5 June at Runaway Bay Cricket Fields.

2018 Cross Country and Athletics Captains Keely Whittaker and Jordan Bennett lead a talented team consisting of: (Year 7) Fern Deshon, Sierra Llewellyn, Pieta Low, Ava Reynolds, Dayna Whitely-Hall, Cyra Bender, Maeka Free; (Year 8) Georgie Roper, Jaz Ingall; (Year 9) Katya Ewing, Harriet Irving, Maddie McClintock, Harriett Richards; (Year 10) Maeve Doherty, Mikayla Jervis, Alisha Kennedy, Ally Rutherford; (Year 12) Milla Harrison.

At the District Cross Country we had 5 girls finish in first place, 3 in second place and 4 in 3rd place with many in the top 10 for their age group. Thank you to the girls and the coaches for making it one of our most successful representative teams to date. Best of luck to the girls competing next week!

The St Hilda’s Sports team loves to be kept up to date with our girls’ achievements across a wide range of sports. Please email with any sporting news that we can recognize and celebrate!

2018 QGSSSA Autumn Fixtures


Opens 2 Somerville House WIN 24-22 Ava Alderson Ava Alderson
Senior A 2 Somerville House WIN 23-20 Tess Donnelly Ailsa Hurford
Senior B 2 Somerville House LOSS 33-9 India Phillips Ruby Walkinshaw
10A 2 Somerville House WIN 14-9 Lillian Dell Isabella Nolan
9A 2 Somerville House WIN 54-3 Charley West Lily Murray
8A 2 Somerville House LOSS 41-8 Jaimie Strydom Kenina Murtagh
8B 2 Somerville House LOSS 29-18 Charlotte Byrne Ashley Pelgen
7A 2 Somerville House LOSS 32-23 Liliana Allen Edi Liccardi
7B 2 Somerville House WIN 40-6 Coralie Bradnam Zoe Kitchin

The past Wednesday’s games were amazing! We had the Opens make history with 3 straight wins. The Senior A, 10A, 9A and 7B teams all won! This was a great result and we are all proud of our teams for putting in an amazing effort even though it was the middle of the week and we were all tired. What a brilliant night and good luck to all of the teams for next week!

Opens 5 SPLC LOSS 66-20 Ava Alderson Rachel Lo
Senior A 5 SPLC DRAW 13-13 Emily Cunington Georgia Wolbers
Senior B 5 SPLC LOSS 73-0 Vanessa Diu Jasmine Gray
10A 5 SPLC LOSS 46-8 Lillian Dell Rosemary Jackson
9A 5 SPLC LOSS 53-10 Brooke Rochow Kanna Nagayama
8A 5 SPLC LOSS 22-15 Kenina Murtagh Samantha Butler
8B 5 SPLC WIN 19-6 Charlotte Byrne Sienna Shen
7A 5 SPLC LOSS 30-10 Olivia Marshall Mia Jeffries
7B 5 SPLC LOSS 22-4 Coralie Bradnam Mia Otto


Opens 6 MBC LOSS 54-17 Ava Alderson Lenka Rivers
Senior A 6 MBC LOSS 23-20 Emily Cunington Claudia Bexton
Senior B 6 BYE
10A 6 MBC LOSS 22-20 Lucia McCarthy Lucia McCarthy
9A 6 MBC LOSS 80-13 Finn Jeffries Emily Rice
8A 6 MBC LOSS 56-20 Jamie Strydom Tess Lakis
8B 6 MBC LOSS 24-16 Zarli Dickinson Ivy Southwood
7A 6 MBC LOSS 45-10 Olivia Walker Julia Kater
7B 6 MBC LOSS 30-6 Lea Hoestlandt Emily Holz


Opens 7 IGGS LOSS 29-28 Ava Alderson Ava Alderson
Senior A 7 IGGS WIN 62-15 Tess Donnelly Savannah Parsons
Senior B 7 BYE
10A 7 IGGS WIN Bridget Caskey Alisha More
9A 7 IGGS LOSS 40-13 Finn Jeffries Lily Murray
8A 7 IGGS LOSS 63-29 Kenina Murtagh Remi Long
8B 7 IGGS LOSS 27-16 Poppy-Jane Todd Zarli Dickinson
7A 7 IGGS WIN 45-21 Mia Jeffries Georgia Thomson
7B 7 BYE


Sherilee Ramsey Memorial Basketball Match

Opens Ramsey Family Ramsey family WON 32-12
Senior A Coaches Coaches WON 36-6
Boarders Day Girls Day Girls WON 18-12

All of the basketball teams put up a valiant effort over the last few weeks and played some brilliant games. We enjoyed the competition and had a great time! Thanks as always to our amazing coaches and to the umpires and let’s hope for a few wins next week.

Basketball Co Captains: Emma-May Ellis and Maia Everist-Migliore


Opens 5 SPLC LOSS 14-0 Toni Lerch Pip Bassingthwaighte
Junior A 5 SPLC LOSS 4-0 Dayna Whiteley-Hall Kyella Aback


Opens 6 MBC LOSS 9-0 Toni Lerch Emily Elliot
Junior A 6 MBC LOSS 3-0 Isabel Lee Amy Symons


Opens 7 IGGS LOSS 16-0 Emily Cook Zoe Morison
Junior A 7 IGGS LOSS 3-0 Amelia Cocksedge Amelia Cocksedge

Unfortunately, both the Open and Junior teams lost against Ipswich Girls Grammar. It was a tough competition and both teams played really well. In the Opens team, the first half of the game started out slowly, but in the second half all girls picked up their game and a few goals were almost scored. Our four defenders played well and helped stop many goals. Special mention goes to Zoe and Emily Elliot who maintained strong defense throughout the whole game.

Opens 3 BSHS LOSS 11-0 Emily Cook Zoe Morison
Junior A 3 BSHS LOSS 7-0 Amelia Cocksedge Amelia Cocksedge


Opens 8 Clayfield LOSS 6-2 Georgia Baker Isabella Briggs
Junior A 8 Clayfield WIN 4-1 Isabel Lee Eva Briggs

Our game today against Clayfield College was the best game both teams have played so far. The Juniors came out with a win with the goals scored by Mia, Zarah and Issy Lee. The Open Team’s game saw 2 amazing goals, 1 scored by Georgia Baker and the other by Toni Lerch. Special mention goes to Emily Cook for her strong defence and to Maggie, a new member of the team, who made a few good runs. Special mention also goes to Pip Bass for trying her hardest and playing well in defence and attack. We have come so far as a team and are looking forward to our last game next week!

Football Co Captains: Georgia Baker and Toni Lerch

Touch Football

Opens 2 Somerville House LOSS 7-4 Mia Field Kayla McMah
Senior A 2 Somerville House WIN 4-2 Ruby McDonald Lily Sutcliffe
Senior B 2 Somerville House LOSS 8-1 Sarah McGrath Emily Dougherty
10A 2 Somerville House LOSS 5-2 Maeve Dougherty Paige Miller
10B 2 Somerville House LOSS 6-4 Mia Barakat Anna Lythgo
9A 2 Somerville House WIN 5-1 Kate Hemming Ava Reynolds
9B 2 Somerville House LOSS 2-1 Clementine Sweetland Aimee Webb
8A 2 Somerville House LOSS 4-2 Alexie Jurkic Ciara Robertson
8B 2 Somerville House LOSS 3-1 Taya Hickey Tahlia Dowthwaite
7A 2 Somerville House LOSS 3-2 Sienna Thompson Emma Stapleton
7B 2 Somerville House WIN 5-0 Amber Hurley Grace Champion


Opens 5 SPLC LOSS 5-3 Candice Simpson Grace Flynn
Senior A 5 SPLC LOSS 3-2 Jordan Bennett Keely van der Vegt
Senior B 5 SPLC LOSS 5-3 Lucy Wilkins Olivia Gallagher
10A 5 SPLC DRAW 4-4 Ella Fitzpatrick Paige Miller
10B 5 SPLC DRAW 2-2 Mia Barakat Anna Lythgo
9A 5 SPLC WIN 2-1 Hayley McGrath Georgia Morris
9B 5 SPLC WIN 6-3 Caly Hoare Ashlee Bennett
8A 5 SPLC LOSS 5-2 Caitlin Wood Jaz Ingall
8B 5 SPLC WIN 5-3
7A 5 SPLC LOSS 3-1 Sierra Llewellyn Zoe Bennett
7B 5 SPLC WIN 4-1 Amber Hurley Grace Champion


Opens 6 MBC LOSS 5-0 Candice Simpson Ali Rutherford
Senior A 6 MBC WIN 11-2 Jordan Bennett Georgia Nye
Senior B 6 BYE
10A 6 MBC LOSS 7-2 Laura Seeto Paige Miller
10B 6 MBC WIN 8-0 Ava Dunn Edwina Thomson
9A 6 MBC WIN 5-0 Hayley McGrath Rylee Boyd
9B 6 MBC WIN 6-0 Caly Hoare Aimee Webb
8A 6 MBC LOSS 6-1 Jaz Ingall Jaz Ingall
8B 6 MBC DRAW 2-2 Jaye radel Anna Tian
7A 6 MBC LOSS 3-2 Indiana Sheehan Kate Worboys
7B 6 ST M2 WIN 6-2 Holly Smith Lucia Gray


Opens 7 IGGS LOSS 6-1 Grace Flynn Jemima Robertson
Senior A 7 IGGS LOSS 2-1 Caitlin Boyle Charlee Mitchell
Senior B 7 IGGS DRAW 1-1 Emily Dougherty Grace MacLeod
10A 7 IGGS WIN 2-1 Mikayla Jervis Paige Miller
10B 7 IGGS LOSS 5-3 Annabelle Layt Kate Cowan
9A 7 IGGS WIN 2-1 Ava Reynolds Rylee Boyd
9B 7 IGGS WIN 5-1 Frankie Fisher Vanessa Karabetsos
8A 7 IGGS LOSS 5-2 Ruby Dalgliesh Ruby Dalgliesh
8B 7 IGGS WIN 8-0 Jaye Radel Georgie Gook
7A 7 IGGS WIN 3-1 Indiana Sheehan Kiana Dariush-Far
7B 7 IGGS WIN 11-0 Amber Hurley Grace Champion


Opens 3 BSHS LOSS 14-1 Grace Flynn Mia Field
Senior A 3 BSHS LOSS 13-2
Senior B 3 BSHS LOSS 8-4 Emily Dougherty Alexandra Carey
10A 3 BSHS LOSS 4-0 Rosie Mayne Sophie McDonagh
10B 3 BSHS WIN 4-1 Ava Dunn Kate Cowan
9A 3 BSHS LOSS 2-1 Isabella Donovan Amelya Brooks
9B 3 BSHS WIN 3-2 Caly Hoare Eve Deshon
8A 3 BSHS LOSS 4-3 Caitlin Wood Jaz Ingall
8B 3 BSHS WIN 1-0 Emma Chandler Mia Harvey
7A 3 BSHS LOSS 3-1 Kiana Dariush-Far Jessica Jolly
7B 3 BSHS WIN 4-1 Holly Smith Capri Paterson


Opens 8 Clayfield WIN 7-1 Elizabeth Slater Savannah Merrick
Senior A 8 BYE
Senior B 8 SOM HSE2 LOSS 5-0 Emily Dougherty Hayley Stanich
10A 8 Clayfield WIN 10-0 Mikayla Jervis Sophie McDonald
10B 8 BYE
9A 8 Clayfield WIN 11-3 Ava Reynolds Amelya Brooks
9B 8 SOM HSE2 WIN 9-1 Caly Hoare Eve Deshon
8A 8 Clayfield WIN 7-0 Caitlin Wood Ruby Dalgleish
8B 8 BGGS2 WIN 5-0 Jaye Radel Tahlia Dowthwaite
7A 8 Clayfield WIN 7-0 Sienna Thompson Kiana Dariush-Far
7B 8 SOM HSE2 WIN 7-1 Sasha Currie Capri Paterson

There have been numerous games over the past couple of weeks, with an away game against Somerville on Wednesday 2nd, a home game against St Peter’s on Friday 4th and against Moreton Bay on Tuesday 8th. Even though these games were scheduled at different times, all the girls have persevered and showed great teamwork throughout their games. It’s great to hear that the 7B team is undefeated and our 9A team has only lost 1 game so far. Big congratulations must go to these teams! Another outstanding effort was from the Senior A team who had an awesome win against Moreton Bay 11-2. We also had the 10B, 9A and 9B teams all win their games, which is a great achievement, so well done to those teams. All the teams showed great sportsmanship and we are excited for more games to come!

Touch Football Co Captains: Savannah Merrick and Macy Shields

2018 QGSSSA Cross Country Wrap Up

We could not have been more proud of the girls who competed at this year’s QGSSSA Cross Country at Rivermount College on Saturday 12 May. We had a quality team who gave everything on the course, producing our best result for QGSSSA Cross Country since 2006. Our girls came 7th in the Aggregate Shield and 5th in the Percentage Cup. Special mention goes to the following girls who participated in BOTH the School Musical and QGSSSA Cross Country: Nyah Bollinger, Amelia Connolly, Fern Deshon, Zarli Dickinson, Maeve Doherty, Anna Eddy, Grace Flynn, Sophie Hawkins, Jessica Jolly, Remi Long, Jemima Robertson, Sophie Sendall, Macy Shields, Keely Whittaker (XC Co-Captain) and Annalise Whittingham. We look forward to recognsing you at an upcoming Middle/Senior School Assembly. Thanks to Mrs Stewart, Sharon Hannan, Kara Hawke and Lilli Price who have worked tirelessly across the Cross Country season to prepare the girls for competition. Thanks to all of the St Hilda’s staff who worked in official positions or came to support the girls on the day. It was a BIG week! Lastly, to the parents and guardians, we appreciated your support in what was a very busy start to the term. Bring on the QGSSSA Athletics season, we are ready!

2018 QGSSSA Athletics Season Kicks Off!

In what seemed the blink of an eye, Cross Country is over and the Athletics training season has begun. We are so excited to welcome specialist coaches to our coaching team this year on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at St Hilda’s School. Mrs Sharon Hannan and Mrs Kara Hawke are our Athletics lead coaches and we look forward to introducing each one of our coaches in our final newsletter for the term. If you would like to take part in our training, please email and request an invitation to the 2018 Athletics training squad. Our 2018 Inter-House Athletics commences on Monday 23 July with our 3000m event at Griffith University Athletics Track commencing at 6.30am (further details to come on Parent Lounge for girls who have nominated for this event), with the Inter-House Athletics Carnival on Thursday 26 July at Griffith University Athletics Track. Here are some pictures showing our girls hard at work! This year the 2018 QGSSSA Athletics Event is on Monday 15 October QSAC, Nathan.

2018 QGSSSA Winter Fixtures Trials

In wet conditions our aspiring Open athletes trialled for this year’s Open teams in hockey, volleyball and tennis. We had a great turn out and appreciate the girls and coaches coming in on a Saturday to trial. We look forward to another round of trials this coming Saturday 2 June. The majority of our netball teams will be trialling this Saturday 2June. There is an updated trial schedule on the isthildasapp, along with all upcoming Sport information.

For all enquiries relating to Middle Senior Sport at St Hilda’s, please email and ensure that you have downloaded the isthildas app for all of our sporting notices. Our weekly QGSSSA Fixtures ‘Order of Play’ with relevant staff contact numbers are on the app, should you need to get in contact with St Hilda’s School Venue Coordinators or the Head of Sport for urgent matters.

Jill Moore
Head of Sport

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace