Sporting Life - May 2022

Sporting Life - May 2022

Sporting Life – May 2022

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Middle & Senior School Sports Overview

All Schools Cross Country – Congratulations to Alexia Abela who placed in the top 25. Well done Alexia!

Autumn Fixtures Round 5 – Basketball

Open BGGS Draw 29-29 Eva Pinkerton Cleone Halsall
Senior A BGGS Draw 26-26 Makayli Wright Kezia Arayi
10A BGGS Loss 28-17 Chryssa Dakin Charli Alonso
9A BGGS Loss 36-14 Sophie Hirabe Emily Kay
8A BGGS Win 20-16 Talia Peters Milla Cox
8B BGGS Win 17-12 Minty Garrett Chuan Chuan Wan
7A BGGS Win 58-10 Abi D’Intini Chanelle Crowe
7B BGGS Loss 18-12 Sarika Katoch Kyah Cubby


Our basketball girls kept the momentum going for another successful week with this round’s games against BGGS. Our Opens drew 29 all with a very good fight followed by another draw from the Senior A’s with 26 all. It was so exciting to be in the sports complex and MPC last week listening to the cheers coming from the girls supporting each other.

Basketball Captain – Jaime Strydom

Autumn Fixtures Round 5 – Football

Open BGGS Loss 2-0 Jessie Hudson Saskia Bilson
Intermediates BGGS Loss 4-3 Lydia Wynn Gabriella Durinic
Juniors BGGS Loss 6-0 Charlotte Wormald Amelia Patterson


All the girls who played tonight put up a massive fight, considering we were versing a school in the top two. The Juniors had some speedy strikers who were ready for the ball and strong defenders helping out their goalie. The Intermediates had a really good game. Unfortunately, the number of goals got the win however, they scored 2 goals against the other school which is amazing news. The Opens did not stop the whole game. Held up a really good fight and came out with a really well played game. Shoutout to Ella Woodbridge for stepping up and playing with the Opens and she really changed the dynamics of the game. Considering the team the Opens versed tonight scored 14 goals last year and only 2 this year is an extraordinary improvement for the team. Well done to all the girls who played tonight and get ready for Clayfield next week.

Football Captain – Isabel Lee

Autumn Fixtures Round 5 – Touch

Open BGGS Loss 5-3 Kayla McMah Eva Devlin
Senior A BGGS Win 6-2 Jali Mumcu Fern Deshon
Senior B BGGS Loss 8-1 Portia Parker-Morrison Mia Richardson
10A BGGS Win 5-4 Piper Holtsbaum Caidence Purcell
9A BGGS Win 4-1 Lucy Nash Alexia Abela
9B BGGS Loss 5-0 Charlotte-Rose McEwan Brokensha Francesca Levy
8A BGGS Loss 3-1 Sophie Murphy Chloe Kennedy
7A BGGS Win 6-0
7B BGGS Loss 3-0 Eadie Matigian Piper Thomas


Last Friday’s games produced many wins for the Roopen. Major shoutout and congratulations to the 7A’s on getting their first win of the season! We have had a very successful few rounds of QGSSSA touch so far and we are excited to see more positive results flood in.  Again, a big thank you to Mr Young for capturing our girls in action!

Touch Captains – Kayla McMah & Jaye Radel

Autumn Fixtures Round 3 – Football

Open CC WIN 4-0 Ella Woodbridge Dayna Whiteley-Hall
Intermediates CC WIN 10-0 Stella Waller Arwen Wu
Juniors CC WIN 10-0 Ava Molloy Neve Salmon


What a great catch up game tonight. All three teams came home with a win. All three teams tried their hardest and executed amazing football skills. We hope to keep seeing these skills in future games. Well done girls.

Football Captain – Isabel Lee

Autumn Fixtures Round 3 – Touch

Senior A CC WIN 10-1 Fern Deshon Sienna Thompson
9A CC WIN 10-1 Lucy Nash Maddison Holsheimer
8A CC WIN 6-0 Georgia Thomasson Sophie Murphy


Autumn Fixtures Round 6 – Basketball

Open SOM HSE LOSS 48-38 Cleone Halsall Shwetha Ramesh
Senior A SOM HSE WIN 36-24 Maeka Free Nneka Emechete
9A SOM HSE WIN 21-6 Tilini Jayasekera Georgia Lea’aetoa
8A SOM HSE DRAW 23-23 Sienna Danaher Jasmine Hu
8B SOM HSE LOSS 16-12 Sienna Taylor Emma Weitemeyer
7A SOM HSE LOSS 32-15 Molly Cox Ruby Saw
7B SOM HSE WIN 26-20 Rhapsody Sherratt Gabrielle Aloysius


Our basketball girls played Somerville in last week’s QG round coming away with more experience under their belts despite a win or a loss. Our Opens team lost by a small margin and our 8A’s managed to reach a draw. The team spirit by our girls was unrivalled. As the season begins to wrap up with only 3 rounds left (2 which are home games), it’s nice to see the continual determination to get better as individuals and as a team through all the hours and early mornings each girl is putting in.

Basketball Captain – Jaime Strydom

Autumn Fixtures Round 6 – Touch

Open SOM HSE WIN 8-3 Dior Scholz Cilla Monie
Senior A SOM HSE WIN 9-0 India Rafter Lucy Corish
Senior B BYE
10A SOM HSE LOSS 5-1 Tara Thirumurugan Alex Wright
9A SOM HSE WIN 7-3 Lucy Nash Lauren Boyle
9B SOM HSE LOSS 6-1 Olivia Volkofsky Casseea Lovell
8A SOM HSE LOSS 6-3 Millie Philp Scarlett Richards
7A SOM HSE WIN 5-0 Meg Backus Lila Kelly
7B SOM HSE WIN 6-0 Matilda Lane Gia Ferraro


We had a very successful round 6 of touch, with 5 of our 8 teams winning against Somerville. Special mention to the Senior A’s who are undefeated so far this season, this is a fantastic effort from the girls. The Opens, Year 9A’s, and both Year 7 teams also came away with a win, so a massive congratulations goes out to these girls.

Touch Captains – Kayla McMah & Jaye Radel

 Autumn Fixtures Round 7 – Basketball

Open BSHS LOSS 84-23 Paige Le Gassick Cleone Halsall
Senior A BSHS LOSS 47-11 Makayli Wright Bridie Buckley
10A BSHS LOSS 44-14 Ava-Lin Jackson Judy Zhang
9A BSHS LOSS 67-12 Sophie Hirabe Brooke Parkin
8A BSHS LOSS 34-15
8B BSHS LOSS 16-14 Miranda Corish Chloe Mo
7A BSHS LOSS 44-19 Chanelle Crowe Gypsy Sherratt
7B BSHS WIN 36-9 Rhapsody Sherratt Gabriel Aloysius


Our third last round for this year’s QG season was a notoriously hard one – Brisbane State High School. Our girls put on a good show for our second last home game and demonstrated great resilience and continuous efforts. The hustle, teamwork, and strategies used showed how much all of the early mornings have been paying off. Next week is our last away game against St Margaret’s and then the following is the final game of the season – at home against St Peter’s. Great work and a big thank you to everyone involved. We’re almost there!

Basketball Captain – Jaime Strydom

Club & Non-School Sport Shout Outs!

National Touch League – Congratulations to current St Hilda’s Sport Coaches Marama Thomas, Chris Lyons and former St Hilda’s Sport Coaches Sammy-Jo Curtis, Tiarni Bryce and Lucia Fildes for their incredible grand finals wins at NTLs and becoming National Champions.

The St Hilda’s Sport Team regularly gets school sport results and achievement. The Sport Team loves to be kept up to date with our girl’s achievements across a wide range of club and non-school sports. Please email with any sporting news that we can recognize and celebrate!

For all enquiries relating to Middle/Senior Sport at St Hilda’s please email  and ensure that you have downloaded the isthildas app for all our sporting notices.

Mel Lilley
Director of Sport and Coaching

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace