St Hilda's Foundation News - 23 August 2018

St Hilda's Foundation News - 23 August 2018

St Hilda’s Foundation News – 23 August 2018

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Newscorp Internship

My name is Candice Simpson and I was one of the lucky 2018 recipients of the Rebecca Wilson Newscorp Grant. It was an honour to participate in the internship at The Courier Mail, alongside experienced journalists and news reporters. It was such an amazing experience which really opened my eyes to the work environment and challenged my communication skills.

During the period of my internship, I learnt to challenge myself in various skills such as speaking to strangers, as well as working in a very different environment to school life.  It was certainly a shock on the first day when I spent many hours asking anyone over 18 their political opinion for a survey. This was very daunting at first as I was not used to stopping strangers going about their every day activities. However, as the day progressed I got more confident and was able to easily stop and have a chat to anyone who was willing to listen. One of the hardest aspects of this internship for me was the negative attitude many had towards journalists. However, I learnt to persevere as no matter what profession I choose, there are always going to be people who do not approve.

The most rewarding part of this journalism experience was my opportunity to hear people’s stories and why they were passionate about certain things. It was inspiring to know that I was helping the voices of the everyday person be heard. I loved hearing about a range of different topics from people I had previously never known. I heard about issues from pensioners’ rights to education and health care, opening my eyes to what was going on around me.

Another aspect of the internship that made it an incredible experience was learning about the work place. Before going into The Courier Mail office, I had no idea what to expect. When I first walked in, I was greeted by the graduates who took me in warmly and looked out for me for the duration. It was originally overwhelming seeing the amount of people bustling about, all doing their own tasks yet somehow everything was moving smoothly. However, I loved the lively atmosphere, knowing everyday would be different depending on what was the latest news. I was lucky enough to talk to many of the people in the office and find out about their experiences as well as how they got to where they are today. Their stories were very inspiring and gave me a better idea of how to achieve my goals.

Overall, my internship with The Courier Mail was an extremely worthwhile experience that I will never take for granted. I have learnt so much, not just about journalism, but also about myself as a person. I have developed my communication skills and I believe I have a better understanding of what I want to achieve after my schooling. So I would like to thank everyone who has made this experience possible, particularly the St Hilda’s Foundation and Newscorp. It was unforgettable.

Candice Simpson, Year 12 Student

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