St Hilda's STEM Institute

St Hilda's STEM Institute

St Hilda’s STEM Institute

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Introducing St Hilda’s STEM Institue

This year we introduced the St Hilda’s School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Institute. It will provide pathways to students via university credit for subjects completed on the St Hilda’s campus.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in university subjects on our campus that will give them credit to a degree and in most cases, early entry as well. Students will have the opportunity to complete two university subjects from the following selection of Griffith University subjects: Griffith Chemistry, Griffith Physics, Griffith Engineering, Griffith Technology and first year Mathematics at Griffith University.

St Hilda’s School is also extremely privileged to have developed a relationship with one of the most prestigious girls’ colleges in the United States. Smith College in Massachusetts has offered a number of places for our girls to participate in their Science and Engineering Summer School. This will expose our students to international engineering which will be invaluable to their development in the future,
STEM Parent and Student Handbook

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