Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Mr Paul Salter

Head of Business

Ms Wendy Lauman

Deputy PrincipalEnglish

Mr Ross Boyle

Head of Learning and Teaching English

Mr Tim Crowe

Assistant Head of Learning and Teaching

Mrs Annette Boyle

Head of Boarding

Mrs Caroline Brodar

Head of Senior SchoolMathematicsAthena Fellow 2010

Mrs Susan Sanburg

Head of Middle SchoolVisual Art

Mrs Melissa Wilkins

Acting Head of Junior SchoolAdministrationApple Teacher

Mrs Lisa Cleverly

Director of Pre-PrepHead of Athena

Mr Geoff Powell

Head of Learning InstituteApple Distinguished Educator


Mrs Annette Boyle

Head of Boarding

Mrs Amanda Rigby

Deputy Head of Boarding

Miss Sue Ashton

Head of McCulloch House

Staff Image

Mrs Nicki Richards

Head of Whitby House

Staff Image

Ms Louise Fleeton

Head of Darragh 1 House

Mrs Gail Abbotts

Head of Darragh 2 House

Heads of Faculty

Mr Michael Conneely

Head of Mathematics

Mrs Catherine Syms

Head of Religious Education and EthicsTeacher

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Ms Sheri Upasiri

Head of Humanities

Ms Natalie Cooper

Head of EnglishHumanities

Mr Chris Dunn

Head of Languages

Ms Alana Hampton

Head of Visual Art

Mr Matt Krenske

Head of Health and Physical Education

Mrs Janelle Maurer

Head of Business and Hospitality Athena Fellow 2009Apple Distinguished Educator

Mrs Jillian Moore

Head of SportOn Leave

Mr Jaron Winter

Head of Performing ArtsDrama

Middle and Senior School Heads of Year

Mrs Catherine Jobson

Head of Year 7English, History

Mr Ben Andrews

Head of Year 8Media Arts, Design & Technology

Ms Alexa Wood

Head of Year 10Health & Physical EducationScience

Mrs Cathy Scruton

Head of Year 11Business & Enterprise Education

Mrs Emma Pinkerton

Head of Year 12Health & Physical Education

Junior School

Mrs Melissa Wilkins

Acting Head of Junior SchoolAdministrationApple Teacher

Ms Katherine Holmes

Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

Mrs Ali Wood

Coordinator of Learning and Teaching Initiatives

Pre-Prep and OSHC

Mrs Lisa Cleverly

Director of Pre-PrepHead of Athena

Mrs Amanda Robards

OSHC and Vacation Care Coordinator

Student Support

Miss Cody Boles

School Counsellor

Mrs Carol Baker

Careers AdvisorDesign

Mrs Judy Chorley

Health Centre Coordinator

Ms Lucy Hunn

Head of Learning Enhancement

Mrs Sue Le Roy

Learning Enhancement (Junior School)

Heads of House

Staff Image

Miss Courtney Bennetts

Head of House Acacia Teacher

Mrs Stacey Curtin

Head of House GrevilleaTeacher

Mrs Gayle Neville

Head of House TristaniaApple TeacherAthena Fellowship 2011

Mrs Susan Tiplady

Head of House Banksia Science

Mrs Lauren Spencer

Head of House KarragarooHumanities

Mrs Karleigh Nicholls

Head of House MelaleucaMathematics

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