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Design and Hospitality

Design and Hospitality

Faculty of Design mission: Create the very best learning environment in the technology classrooms that enables its students to ‘work technologically’ and confidently, using their ingenuity and creativity to solve problems and thus contribute to their development as critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

The Faculty of Design comprises two primary learning arenas: Engineering and Hospitality. All subjects within this faculty are immersed in a pedagogy based on enquiry and investigation. Problems are set and each girl embarks on her own journey of discovery utilising her particular learning style, to arrive at the best solution to the set problem. Areas of learning may be as diverse as robotics, computerised milling machines (CNC) and resistant materials, to the development of hospitality events focusing on a specific cultural cuisine.

One of the fundamental challenges in integrating young girls into the workshop and built environments is confidence. I have taught girls and boys and in a workshop environment, boys tend to have a lot of confidence, yet lack common sense; girls, on the other hand, lack confidence yet possess much common sense. Girls love to tinker. To gain confidence and an insight into how things work, we pull things apart, bash them, break them, examine all components and discuss what makes things work. Girls love this hands-on approach.

Opportunities for female engineers in Australia are huge. Many large corporations see male engineers as efficient and diligent in their approach to engineering projects; female engineers are seen as articulate and creative. It is this collaboration of approaches to work and problem solving that big organisations are seeking.

Design and Hospitality Subjects

Years 7 to 10

  • Design and Technology
  • Hospitality

Years 11 to 12

  • Engineering Technology
  • Hospitality Studies
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