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EAL/D - English as an Additional Language/Dialect

EAL/D – English as an Additional Language/Dialect

Our EAL/D program is intended to improve the written and spoken abilities of the girls who do not have English as their first language. Small groups study together. The girls are given scheduled time in the EAL/D classroom. They see this as a valuable addition to the normal school day.

The program closely follows the material that is studied in mainstream classes with an emphasis on authentic language that will be directly useful. We do this through a range of activities. These can include language games where the whole class enjoys the fun of a game. The girls are often encouraged to participate by the liberal use of edible rewards. We strive to create an atmosphere in which every girl believes that she can succeed and where she will willingly push herself to be the best that she can be.

EAL/D at St Hilda’s is structured around our own designated space within the magnificenIMG_1250tly refurbished Jennifer Reeves area of the school. The EAL/D room is often busiest at morning tea and lunchtime, when students voluntarily come to further their learning, enhance their output and socialize with each other and staff.

The girls say of the EAL/D program:

“We have fun, learning English.”  Year 10 Student

“It helps international students get through their hardest time at school.” Year 11 Student

“EAL/D provides students with time to work on their assignments in supportive small groups.” Year 12 Student

“EAL/D gives us a relaxed workplace where we have the opportunity to discuss things in small groups.” Year 11 Student

“EAL/D helps us develop skills that we can use in all our subjects.” Year 9 Student


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