Global Learning

Global Learning

Global Learning

St Hilda’s School offers opportunities for students to experience a range of educational and real-life adventures locally and around the globe. Global Learning is a key focus at St Hilda’s School and our programs teach girls about global issues and encourage them to see the world through the eyes of others.

Student Cultural Exchange Program

Are you interested in applying for the Year 10 Cultural Exchange Program? Click here to learn more about the program, our partner schools and how to apply.

Please find below important information relating to your daughter’s Exchange application. It is crucial that you review these documents as a part of the Application process.

Exchange Program

St Hilda’s is committed to developing relationships with other schools, universities and businesses to help the school achieve its objectives for Character and Leadership Development. The Year 10 Exchange Program is seen as an important addition to our academic program. Participation in exchange broadens the horizons of students, helps them to grow as individuals, develop new global awareness and make new friends. St Hilda’s School exchanges with schools in Canada, England, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and the United States.



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