iPad and Macbook Information

iPad and Macbook Information

iPad and MacBook Initiative – World Leading, World Renowned

St Hilda’s was one of the first schools in Australia, indeed worldwide, to adopt the iPad as a student-owned device for learning. Such a bold, ground-breaking initiative has quickly evolved into an integral part of St Hilda’s remarkable education offering. Since 2011, our program has attracted national and international interest. We have hosted delegations of educators from every state of Australia, and visitors from the United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Our staff have been asked to present on their work at conferences nationally and internationally. In 2012, after a rigorous application process, St Hilda’s was recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for innovation, leadership and innovative excellence. In 2013, Head of St Hilda’s Learning Institute Geoff Powell was inducted as St Hilda’s first Apple Distinguished Educator. We now have six staff recognised as ADEs, which is one of the largest groups in the country.


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iPad Program

Every girl from Years 4 to 9 brings their own iPad to school every day. We provide a list of educational Apps that need to be loaded to the iPad on our website; and the vast majority of our textbooks are in eBook form specifically for the iPad. We also have an extensive range of online materials available from our renowned iTunes U site and our Blackboard LMS.

What makes our program unique is its personal nature. The iPad belongs to the girls, and as such they can load any of their personal materials onto it, in addition to their school applications. They can express their personality by their choice of covers and colours. We trust the girls to responsibly manage their school and personal lives on their iPad; and we role model sensible digital behaviour as we prepare the St Hilda’s graduates for the 21st century. Girls in Years 7 to 12 are able to have their smart phone in class, and we trust them to act responsibly with this device as well.

MacBook BYOD Program

In Years 10 to 12, as the girls prepare for tertiary study and other adventures upon graduation, we have unashamedly copied an Ivy League University campus approach to the use of technology. Our new state-of-the-art Jennifer Reeves Senior School Centre perfectly reflects this approach. Wireless access is available throughout all areas from the ground level, with canteen, common areas, Year 12 space, student-run radio station and performance stage, to the open learning areas, recording studio and private study nooks of level 1, through to the wonderful spaces in the Library Resource Centre on level 2, the building is a digital hub that has quickly become the learning heart of Senior School.

In keeping with this approach, we make no stipulation as to the technology senior girls bring to school. We provide access to the internet, our email system, iTunes U and Blackboard; and girls must be able to read ‘office type’ documents from their device. Beyond that, girls are free to bring a device that suits their learning and personal style. Our experience is that girls continue to bring and use their iPad for some tasks, but also bring a laptop computer. The vast majority of the girls choose to bring a MacBook.

We make no stipulation about where parents might purchase their daughter’s iPad, MacBook or other computing devices. However, we have found that the Apple Store at Robina has provided excellent service to the St Hilda’s community, and have no hesitation recommending them, but parents are free to use any supplier that suits their particular needs. If you have any enquiries about the iPad and MacBook BYOD program, do not hesitate to contact Mr Geoff Powell.

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Global Study Connections

The curriculum at St Hilda’s School offers a modern, innovative and lively learning environment to cater for the diverse needs of young women. The curriculum enables St Hilda’s School to develop an atmosphere where excellence is an expectation. The curriculum is delivered using reflective pedagogy that is underpinned on the most recent and relevant research. This dynamic curriculum enables young women to become valuable contributors to the wider community and make an impact on the global society. St Hilda’s School Junior, Middle and Senior Schools implement the Australian Curriculum creatively while providing the fundamentals required to build the foundations for developing modern young women. In addition, the Senior School has developed multiple pathways for young women to achieve their goals and aspirations for the future.

The curriculum within the school is delivered using advanced technology and global connections. The following links provide a key to global learning at St Hilda’s School.

St Hilda’s @ EduTECH

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Innovate: technology-based pedagogy supporting best practice

These were the topics that Head of St Hilda’s School of Business Janelle Maurer, Head of Mathematics Terry Jacka and Head of St Hilda’s Learning Institute Geoff Powell, presented at an EduTECH Conference recently. The K-12 education conference attracts thousands of delegates and is designed specifically for principals and their education leadership teams. Globally celebrated experts and inspirational Australian practitioners share their thoughts on how the ever-increasing levels of technology in our everyday lives will impact teaching and learning as we look to the future.

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