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The Mathematics faculty is ambitious for the girls as they study this challenging subject. We set out to develop confident, capable and creative Mathematicians!

We want our graduates to be confident that they have the talent and skill to understand courses and access careers of their choice. We want them to be confident and aspirational and to pursue the highest levels of Mathematics. We want the girls to feel this is a realistic and attainable goal. We do not want our girls to take easy options.

Leaders in Mathematics

Therefore, we build into the study of Mathematics, attainable challenges, so that the girls can confidently grow to be their best. Proof of our success is that our school is the Gold Coast leader in the development of students who study Mathematics C (the highest and most challenging level of school Mathematics).

The girls have access to highly-qualified, approachable and supportive Mathematics teachers. We evaluate the confidence of the girls as they study Mathematics through the way they approach the subject and their teachers. Our teachers are committed to getting every girl to achieve her best as a mathematician.

To achieve these high aspirations for all girls, our staff commit to a planned program of tutorial support that is outside of the timetabled class. We offer five hours of mathematics tutoring per week, so that all students can get individual help. Some students attend these sessions because they seek extra challenge with their study of mathematics and others are ensuring that they keep abreast of each new topic.

At St Hilda’s School, we set out to develop the skills that will ensure the girls are capable when confronted by the challenge of various testing that is inevitably, part of assessing Mathematics. This is why we have outstanding NAPLAN results and great success in QCAA courses. At the heart of achieving our high ambitions for every student we have courses to suit all abilities. We offer Prevocational Mathematics for students who have previously struggled with Mathematics and we offer a first year University Mathematics subject for those students who want to extend themselves further.


Creativity plays a significant role in developing our successful young mathematicians. Girls are presented with creative problem-solving opportunities. For example, this may be in the form of investigations and assignments looking at real-world problems and real-world solutions. In their class work, girls use and explore the creative use of recently developed apps, iBooks and iTunes U courses. Our faculty adopts a modern approach that is creative in its use of technology, while deeply valuing sound pedagogical practice that retains many traditional approaches. The study of Mathematics at St Hilda’s School is exciting and we delight in the success of the girls as they nurture their mathematical thinking.

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We❤️Mathematics at St Hilda’s!

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