Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support

If you have any difficulties with any of the online learning systems, for example a password is forgotten, please contact St Hilda’s School IT Services.


Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 4.00pm

07 5577 7300


For any families who may need to borrow a device for their daughter to use for online learning or who need advice regarding device repair, please contact St Hilda’s School IT Services who will be able to assist.

For further information regarding School device requirements, please visit our School Device Information page.

How will my Internet connection cope?

Large downloads will depend on the speed of your connection, but we have found that slower non-NBN connections such as ADSL or mobile data in general cope well. We would recommend checking with your internet provider to ensure you have sufficient data allowance.

A number of Internet providers have implemented measures to keep customers connected. Please find information for the major providers linked below for your reference.

If you have any issues accessing materials, please contact your daughter’s Form Teacher or subject-specific teacher so alternative arrangements can be made.

Using Microsoft Teams with video chat uses around 700MB per hour. If staff and students switch to an audio only call this will reduce the data usage greatly. It could also assist those with slower internet connections.

Our data recommendation would be at least 50GB per student per month, with provision for going over this limit. Data usage would also depend on the student using other services such as Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Facetime with friends etc.

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