TEDx an Amazing Experience

TEDx an Amazing Experience

TEDx an Amazing Experience

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On Friday TEDx St Hilda’s was held in the MPC. It was a wonderful day where the girls got to hear from a range of speakers. Layne Beachley started the day and spoke about the power of self-belief (to achieve, you have to believe it) and being the best version of yourself. Her message resonated with the girls as she talked about obstacles and how they give you choices, to either be a victim of circumstance or the master of your own destiny. Positive self-talk and visualization will help you achieve your dreams. Layne also talked about surrounding yourself with a great team who believe in you more than you do at times, not ‘dream thiefs’ who seem to deplete your energy levels. There was a wide range of topics and each one had its own positive message to share with the girls.

One of the most amazing experiences was to see a number of students sharing their journeys. It can be very daunting to stand in front of and talk to your peers and all the girls did an excellent job despite being very nervous. Congratulations to Kona Irie, Magenta Neath-Cowan and Peta Morton who talked about Respecting the Sister Squad and respecting each other; Kimi Nam who told her story of how she got involved in a new culture after her arrival here from Korea; Ellie Domrow who talked of her experiences on the Premier’s ANZAC Prize trip to Gallipoli and the Western Front earlier this term and, finally, Sasha Khmelevskaya who took us on a journey from Siberia to St Hilda’s School and all that she has accomplished. Well done girls, your stories were amazing and resonated with so many of the girls. Lunchtime saw everyone move to the Jennifer Reeves Cafeteria were they enjoyed great food and were entertained by the Rhythm and Blues Band.

The Senior School continues to be very busy and focused as we come to the end of another successful semester. This week is Cultural Arts Week with different activities on each day at lunchtime, concluding with the Cultural Arts Assembly on Thursday. The Non Nobis Solum Prefects have been raising awareness about the Same Sky Foundation. Over the semester the girls have raised nearly $1000 and this is in addition to the $2500 that was raised at the Mother Daughter Luncheon. Well done to all.

Year 10 Students will have their Career Pathway Plan interview in the first week of next term to assist in the choosing of subjects for Years 11 and 12. Parents are reminded to log on to Parent Lounge and book a time for the interview.

Please be reminded that Semester 1 Reports will be available on Parent Lounge during the first week of the holidays. Parents are encouraged to print a copy for their records.

I hope that you and your daughters have an enjoyable, relaxing and safe holiday.

Caroline Brodar
Head of Senior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace