Term 2 Abri Visit - Acacia

Term 2 Abri Visit - Acacia

Term 2 Abri Visit – Acacia

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Term 2 Abri Visit 2018

On Monday 11 June, ten of our Year 6 Acacians joined Ruby Pullich, Chryssa Dakin and myself on an awesome trip to Abri Aged Care. These girls were Lauren Mair, Nell Ryan, Sophie Hateley, Tahlia Brown, Zara Meer, Luci-Jill Seabrook, Elysse Tapper, Eva Pinkerton, Alice Marshall and Layla Matigan, along with the 3 Grevillea House Captains, Piper Holtsbaum, Giselle Brownlee-Smith and Sophia Briggs.

Abri Aged Care is a small home for the elderly. We go to raise money to help them have more fun and modern equipment. We also go to give these people company and help them have so much fun which they all seem to enjoy.

We all took board games, presents and some of us did some performances. Luci-Jill and Nell did a really good dance, Layla, Sophie, Piper, Zara and Alice played their instruments, Chryssa played some piano and Ruby and Tahlia said some poems. All the people at Abri loved the performances.

The highlights for most of us was going on this trip and seeing all these happy faces. I personally really enjoyed listening to all of the amazing instruments that were played. I also loved playing with the elderly, they made all of us laugh and they all put smiles on our faces.

We had heaps of fun at Abri and can’t wait to go again!

Nicola DeFazio, Acacia House Captain

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