The Chaplain's Column - September 2022

The Chaplain's Column - September 2022

The Chaplain’s Column – September 2022

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The Chaplain’s Column

“And now for something completely different!” No, not Monty Python but a stream of consciousness approach to Chapel. This Friday, the Friday of Week 9, Term 3, Period 4, a Whole School Chapel but only with Years 7, 8, 9, and 12.  The other Year cohorts in Test Block. The Year 12s have just finished their Mock Exams. The MPC is being used for tests. The Chapel Service is to be held in the Sports Centre in between PE lessons. This will be the last Chapel for the Year 12s before their own Reflection Service next term. So, of course, no pressure on the Chaplain! What to do? Use the resources at hand, obviously! One last message about Christianity for the Year 12s to hear. Yes, a parable; no better still three, all on the one topic. The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and the Lost Sons (also known as the Prodigal Son). Yes, a last lesson on Jesus’ teaching about God’s acceptance of us with all our faults and, in return, our acceptance of others. Right, theme organised but how to present it? Yes, three parables – there’ll either be a riot or snores if they are just read! Be creative! Let’s see: one parable a video, one parable mimed and one a group participation using Year 12s and all the students. Now how to do this. Yes, for the first, the song video of the Lost Sheep shown in the Junior School. The HipHop style should go down well as it does in the Junior School. The second as a mime with the Chapel Prefect acting out the part with a directorial voice overlay giving directions and humorous criticisms of her acting. Yes, that’s good. Now, the third parable as a play, in workshop mode, with Year 12s as the actors with a dance by everyone present participating to show the younger son wasting all his money. Now for props, simple: a broom and coin, pig masks, a megaphone for the director, and willing participants from Year 12. A video to set the scene at the start – the “Lord’s my Shepherd” theme from the Vicar of Dibley TV programme. A musical video of the song “I’ve lost my sheep” by MAX7, and another for “My Lighthouse” by the Rend Co-operation. The theme might get lost in the presentation so better verbally link all the parables and conclude before closing prayers. This should work – I’ll let you know!

Fr Patrick Duckworth












Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace