The Chaplain's Column - June 2021

The Chaplain's Column - June 2021

The Chaplain’s Column – June 2021

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Every year our Archbishop presents a challenge to Anglican schools in South East Queensland. This year he challenged schools to nurture relationships. This suits St Hilda’s down to the ground as it is in the school’s very DNA and is succinctly summed up in the School motto, “Non Nobis Solum”, which translates into English as “Not For Ourselves Alone”.

It is impossible to live out Jesus’ summary of the Jewish Law to love God as we love our neighbour without nurturing relationships with one another. So, as a Christian school we should be going out of our way to nurture relationships with students, staff and families. Thus, girls in the Senior School lead tutorials in English, Reading and Mathematics for girls in the Junior School. Young Old Girls are coaches and role models in all our sports. Moreover, Year 11 girls are able to undertake a Certificate 3 in Childcare by working once a week in our Pre-Prep area.

A new and recent development was last weekend when people from all areas of the School from cleaners to toddlers, School Council members to Boarders, teaching staff and School families, came together to plant out a labyrinth and vegetable garden at the back of the School close to Carey Lane Early Learning Centre.

Another endeavour in nurturing relationships is the initiative of the Junior School in which students in Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to bring to their Chapel service every Wednesday a potato or a carrot or an onion. These are brought forward at the beginning of the service as part of an offertory liturgy and then given to St John’s Crisis Centre so that they can become not just individual vegetables but meals for those less fortunate than ourselves.

These are just a few of the initiatives that have been undertaken this year and are not just a response to the Archbishop’s challenge but a living out of the School’s motto and faith. A student at St Hilda’s is not just a pupil undertaking academic studies for themselves in isolation from others, but a participant in a holistic educational experience which covers the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of communal life.

Fr Patrick Duckworth
School Chaplain

Watch the video of our Community Gardening Bee Here

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